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Russian media reported that the Yulia Kovalchuk marries Alexey Chumakov, the husband of Christina Aguilera presented the singer at a birthday party, an apartment, a grandson of Boris Yeltsin meets with the model of Rostov, and Tina Kandelaki and Valery Meladze left the semey.Na birthdayChristina Aguilera's husband gave the apartment, according to area of ​​the new home of the singer is 150 square meters and it is located in a prestigious building in the heart of the capital.Cost present singer husband, businessman Dmitry Zemtsov, realtors estimated at more than $ 2 million.

Singer Yulia Kovalchuk autumn marries a former participant of the project "People's Artist" Alexey Chumakov, the website singer met with Chumakov about a year and their relationship does not advertise.It is reported that the wedding will take place in early September.Friends of the couple say that Julia and Alex had already sent out invitations to a list of gifts they would like to get to the w


known TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, split from her husband after 10 years of marriage and with two children moved into a new apartment, reports to rumors, recently the husband of Tina, dentist Andrew Kondrahina, with business problems - its Medical Center want to select for the debts.In this regard, the family was tense, and Kandelaki not stand quarrels, moved out of her husband.

grandson Boris Yeltsin, Boris Yeltsin Jr., meets with the model of Rostov, writes Express newspaper.famous names Chosen heir has become a model Margarita Annaberdieva.The couple met at a Christmas party.According to the newspaper, in a short time, young people can get married - one of the capital's premier Boris came with Margaret and her mother, Tatyana Dyachenko.Women cute talking to each other.The source reports that Annaberdieva came to the capital from Rostov.Her mother runs a small business, and his father, who died a few years ago, worked as an engineer.According to Margaret's mother, she worked as a model at the Valentin Yudashkin and acted under contract in Italy and Singapore.

Singer Valery Meladze left the family, writes singer for several months lived separately from his wife and three children.According to rumors, the reason for breaking up was the busy schedule Valery - actor constantly touring the country, and during the holidays performs at corporate parties.As the newspaper writes, with reference to Meladze environment in the singer's family have repeatedly encountered a situation where the spouses were going to file for divorce.