Talk about them ( social life )

Russian media write about the divorce of actress Nelli Uvarova and Sergey Pikalova director, new image Alla Pugacheva, the new girl, Alexis Chadova, as well as plans Anastasia Volochkova back her ex-husband in semyu.Rezhisser Sergey Pikalov split from his wife, the singer starring inTV series "not born beautiful" Nelly Uvarova to 25-year-old dresser, reports portal Nelly and Sergey began on the set of "not born beautiful."Then Uvarova Pikalova decided to legalize their relationship.The wedding took place in a narrow circle of relatives and friends.After the honeymoon the couple once again immersed in the work and became rare to see.About a year ago there were rumors that Nelly is pregnant.At the same time, as they say, and there was a rift in the family Uvarova.Sergei wanted to spouse engaged in household chores, while Nelly was working in the theater and starred in several film and TV projects.In September 2008, Pikalov started filming a new series.On set, he met 25-year-old Anastasia Pu

gashkinoy, with whom he struck up a romance.According to rumors at the moment, she is expecting a child from him.Colleagues Uvarova told the publication that Nelly otkazyvatsya talk about divorce, she works hard, and does not mention the name of the former spouse.

rumored that the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova plans to return to the family of her ex-husband - businessman Igor Vdovin.After the divorce, Anastasia and Igor met exclusively on business issues - discussed the financial problems associated with divorce, in particular, the payment of alimony.Now they regularly see in a romantic setting.Anastasia and Igor again began to go out together.Not so long ago saw a couple at the party the magazine Hello!in The Most club.Volochkova and Vdovin gently holding hands, which caused confusion among the party guests.Perhaps the former spouses returned to their relationship to the level of "to divorce" and once again become one of Russia's most stellar pairs.

known singer Alla Pugacheva at a recent social events shocked the audience with a new image, which would be more approached the young girl, according to shorn bangs and short braided afrokosichki.In addition, she made a bright make-up - lips highlighted dark lipstick and eyelids - dark blue shadows.Complements the image of a fan of bright red feathers.Maxim Galkin Alla new look satisfied."Such a woman to face all!" - Was quoted as saying the publication.

Actor Alexei Chadov, who recently broke up with actress Agnia Ditkovskite seems to have found a replacement.Recently, the actor was seen in the company of champion in rhythmic gymnastics Zarina Mukhitdinova, according to the portal, as the site, a couple of bind is not a romantic relationship: Zarina - personal trainer Chadova yoga and fitness.Zarina and Alexei met recently on the set.The actor liked the agility with which Zarina performed at the site of tricks, and he turned to her for help.