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there have been reports in the Russian media that Timothy found unfit for military service, and Angelica Varum won poker 50 thousand dollars.The Western press discussed heroic act Pierce Brosnan, videos from Chris Brown's revelations and the fate of homeless actors who played in the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" .Pirs Brosnan saved the life of Uma Thurman, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.An unpleasant episode occurred on the set of the film "Percy Jackson," in which actors play together.Minibus with equipment which one of the staff forgot to put on the hand brake, rolled down the hill directly to the resting Thurman and be with her people.Brosnan did not lose: the actor caught up with the car, jumped on the go on the driver's seat and was able to send the car to the side of the members of the crew.Minibus crashed into dumpsters and bruises received only Pierce, but he refused to be hospitalized.The source said that Uma Thurman is now jokingly calls Brosnan "007".

Chris Brown asks not to co

nsider him a monster after the incident with the beating of Rihanna, reports 37-second spot, which is distributed in the network, Brown talks about his new album, and it ends with the words: "My loyal fans, I love you I'm not a monster.".Scandal with Chris Brown and Rihanna occurred in February 2009.In the heat of a quarrel Brown hit a girl several times in the face, after which she was forced to go to the hospital.The same evening, Brown turned himself into one of the city's police stations.He was arrested and later released on bail of 50,000 dollars.

creators of the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" have bought the young actor - 9-year-old Azharuddinu Sheikh Ismail Khan - a new apartment instead of his demolished home, the website of RIA Novosti.The decision was made because of numerous publications about the issue and public pressure on the team of the film.New apartments cost 42 thousand dollars donated by the boy and his family are in a good area close to schools.Accommodation for families another little actress, appeared in the street - Rubina Rafiq Asghar Ali Qureshi - promised to find sponsors for a week.

Timothy unfit for military service, according to the site the medical examination in the military in question turned out to be the mental health of the performer.By law, if the body is covered with tattoos Conscript 50 percent and more, it is considered mentally deranged and automatically becomes unfit for military service."I always thought the army in excess of their lives learning the decision of a medical board, I was with a happy smile came home." - Timothy shared.

Anzhelika Varum won poker 50 thousand dollars, the newspaper "Your Day".On one of the country friendly parties Angelica took part in a game of poker for money.Friends of the singer claim that it has long been known as a lucky player, but this evening she was lucky several times - Varum won 50 thousand dollars."Angelica was always lucky in gambling!"- Divided friends of the singer.