Victoria Beckham : from shoes to hats

"Make sure that you have all the panties!Whatever people may say about my clothes, I always dress so that you feel confident and comfortable.And this does not imply the wearing of mini-skirts without underwear! ".This is a quote from the book of the famous "peppercorn" Victoria Adams.Or equally famous wife Victoria Beckham - as you like.The wife of English football star David Beckham has released a book in Russian about how she learned how to dress stylishly."MK" publishes excerpts from the fashion bible of Mrs Beckham "Another half-inch of impeccable style."

Fashion I was interested almost from childhood.The main achievement in my school years was the creation of the new fashion trends, immediately was taken up by peers.This innovation lay in the fact that one pair of socks worn over the other.But after a meeting with the girls of the Spice Girls, my life flowed on several different course.

Once, when I was a child, my mother's friend, who bought a pair of shoes from Gucci, gave me a firm package.I l

ove this bag and dragged it in their books as long as his head finally burst.I believe that the fact of carrying textbooks are not in school satchel, and in the company's package is the best characterizes my nature.

Except planning photo shoots, all the outfits which are selected in advance, I never use the services of a stylist.Why should I have to be left to an outsider all the fun?I myself decide what I wear.So it was with ever since I was 14 years old.

My first mentor in the fashion world became my mother.One of her rules, I remember all my life, never flaunt all its charms.So if you show all your feet - such as mini - Take care that the top was closed as much as possible.It was only wearing pants or a long skirt, you can afford a frank neckline.

Also ensure that the skirt is not too short, otherwise every time you bend over or get out of the car, others have the opportunity to admire your panties.By the way, make sure that you have all the panties!Whatever people may say about my clothes, I always dress so that you feel confident and comfortable.And this does not imply the wearing of mini-skirts without underwear!

If you consider that I have always stood for moderation in jewelry, it may seem strange that I have a tattoo - four, if it comes to that (on the back, on the neck and wrists).Each one means something special to me.For example, the recent wedding anniversary we with David tattooed on his body - I was around his neck, and he was on his arm - the word "love" in the Hebrew language.It was so romantic, though incredibly painful!Five stars from me on the back represent us with David and our children.Well on the wrist I have tattooed the DB, which means David Beckham - and maybe David Blaine and David Blunkett.It really let the tabloids decide how it really is.

I recently she sewed a dress - a long, flesh-colored, but by putting it in front of a mirror (light fell on my back), suddenly saw that it shines through!So now it's a dress hanging in the closet.At one time I got a good lesson on that score.Once I went to a party in a beautiful summer dress, and the next day all the newspapers were full of headlines: "Victoria demonstrates the chest."It was just awful because I am very scrupulous about such things.

I do not belong to the category of long-legged models.Fatal beauty I also will not name.I - an ordinary woman, and this is just my strength lies.In many ways, I can be considered quite ordinary.I have a normal face, normal hair, and a figure, in spite of a certain thinness, is also quite common.My life has been different than most girls, but thanks to a happy coincidence.

Although I really like to dress up, I understand that casual clothing should be practical.In my life there is a real danger that the child may vomit right on my clothes, which is why most of the day I spend in jeans and T-shirts.

Through constant practice, I learned how to push in a tiny handbag from Fendi baby shawls, diaper, credit card, and when luck - and even lipstick (here all business in the coagulation technique, when things are stacked one inside the other, and then wrapped in a diaper).Other women's bling I shove the pockets of David, as if he was a secret agent, and here we are ready to leave!The fact that I was the mother of three children, does not mean that I should give up on her hand.

In order to look good, do not need a lot of money.By the way, my favorite decoration is a homemade necklace, a gift from my children.I do not think I really ever wear it, but I will continue to treat it as a real treasure.