FIRST LADY .The second wife of the leaders of world politics

The world of politics has a new fashion - late wedding.He married Nicolas Sarkozy, his example was followed by the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.And in the women's life partner chosen this strong world much younger than himself. drama with a happy end

There is now in Germany, the news is more important than the wedding of former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who knocked him 78 Photos 44-year-old darling Maike Richter, an employee of the Ministry of Economy - on the front pages of major newspapers, and details of thediscuss the novel in the TV show.Still Love Story Nick Richter and could be the basis for the script of the drama with a happy ending.

Until now, the Germans knew only one woman who is always and everywhere been together with Kohl.With a translator Rennell Hannelore Kohl married in 1960.Together they lived in '41.16 of them Hannelore Kohl was the first lady of Germany: no complaints, polite smile, flawless appearance.She made a choice for themselves - to be in the shadow of a spouse, to

protect sons Walter and Peter from the media spotlight.

When Kohl has resigned, Hannelore doctors discovered a rare disease - an allergy to light.During the year and a half thick blinds in the house did not go up, go outside could only late in the evening.Continue to endure the pain had no strength.Hannelore wrote a farewell letter to her husband: "I thank you for everything you did for me ..." Then he mixed sleeping pills with morphine and drank.

Only seven years later the former chancellor has decided to once again try his family happiness.With Frau Richter he met in his tenure as chancellor: she worked in a department of the national administration of the economy and written texts of his speeches on economic issues.In 2005, at a birthday party Kohl journalists for the first time drew attention to the elegantly dressed blonde.At this point, Kohl and Richter have been together for over a year and even went to Sri Lanka for Christmas.The devastating tsunami that struck Southeast Asia, was in front of them.Kohl and Richter were left on the island to help the victims.He married the former Chancellor and his former assistant, May 8 at the hospital of Heidelberg (at the hospital Chancellor appeared after the fall in Own-vennom house in Oggerskhayme and concussion).Witnesses were old friends - the editor in chief of the newspaper "Bild" Kai Dieckmann and media mogul Leo Kirch.Chancellor sons - Walter and Peter - the wedding did not come.


Former Argentine President Carlos Menem (he served as president from 1989 to 1999-th) to 70-year life decided that he urgently needs to get married again.With his first wife Zulemoy Yomoy he divorced in the year of entry into the presidential office.New darling Menem became a popular TV from Chile Bolokko beautiful Cecilia, who won in 1987 the title of "Miss Universe".She's younger wife for 35 years.In 1999, the journalist came to Menem to interview, since they were inseparable, and in 2001 played a wedding.

For Menem then fell on hard times: he was accused of corruption and banned from leaving the country.Among those most often, attacked with public accusations of the former president, was his ex-wife.Now Menem should be afraid of such a place, and from the second wife: they recently filed for divorce.The relationship went wrong after the press published pictures of Cecilia, which she kisses with some Italian businessman and sunbathing topless on the beach in Miami.

Lost in Translation

former president of Uganda, 84-year-old Godfrey Binaisa, ousted in a military coup about 30 years ago, decided to marry a very strange way.His choice was 58-year-old Korean woman Tomoko Yamamoto.The oddity was the fact that before the wedding the couple had not seen each other and communicated only by telephone and via the Internet.They did not see at the wedding.

wedding took place by means of satellite communication.The bride was in one of the South Korean stadiums, along with another married couple thousand - supporters of the Unification Church (also known as the Moon sect), and her husband - at home.Unification Church proclaims its goal of "building peace in the world with the help of family, love reigns in that."Moonies often marry "photograph", not meeting each other before the wedding day.After the wedding, Tomoko moved to Uganda, but the marriage did not last long - just 11 months.The couple divorced because of "incompatibility of characters."Character - a complicated joke, is not determined by the photos.


For the past two years, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il appears at public events with his latest (fourth row) and his wife - Kim Ok.They know a quarter of a century - since the 1980s, Kim Ok worked personal secretary "beloved leader".66-year-old Kim Jong Il over the chosen one for 22 years.The first wife of North Korean leader Kim Yong Suk died in the mid-1970s.Second, the actress Sung Hye Rome, died in Moscow as a result of a heart attack.Then the widow took the former dancer Ko Yong-hui wife.A year later she died of breast cancer.From these marriages, the leader of North Korea's daughter and three sons.


Three years ago, he married for the fifth time, and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, 60-year-old Joschka Fischer.His wife, an Iranian-born beauty and frequenter of trendy hangouts Mina Barati younger husband for 28 years.The ceremony, which took place in Rome's Capitol, held the now former mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni.