Smoke and get married .Socialite revealed the principle of beauty

past weekend for secular townsfolk held under the slogan "meet on clothes."With a difference exactly a day in different parts of Moscow tried to determine the most fashionable people of the capital.Hungry to be recognized in the style of the area showed dresses tag, turning up someone else's closet and showed where his feet rastut.Na award "The most beautiful in Russia" in Moscow's backyard away and walked slowly.First, delayed only for an hour at the door of the club appeared newfangled hoarse Julia Kovalchuk."Tempers!" - I explained the singer length dress, just covered her ass.One by one the girls were factory: Ira Toneva to escape from the flashes of cameras cavalier, Sasha Savelyev and the closing trio Sati Casanova.But the actress Amalia this time not surprised wardrobe, which has decided to put an end (fashion, she decided not to be interested more), and her new husband, and again a shocking hairstyle.

- Always wear hats, because hiding bad hair.After all, if I had shaved my head I would have ta

ken me to the loony bin.And I smoked like a chimney, because it seemed that way to me always and everywhere jealous, - new-found "style icon" Svetlana Svetlichnaya no longer complains of any sparse hair, or the lack of male attention.As he admitted the actress, accompanied by her personal stylists, even to the toilet.

Philip, bought in honor of another suit with stripes, the evening did not take his eyes off "the most beautiful in Russia" Alsu.Determined to improve someone else's family fortune, he kept giving good advice the singer, her husband.And in the end even asked at whose expense diamonds shine.But she noticed that the gifts her husband still does.

The rank daily marked ¬ęCasual year" was built is still a bride Dasha Zhukova, Roman Abramovich, but it is up to the premium and not reached by deploying a car directly in front of the doors of the club."Classic" was Tatiana Arno, who immediately said that "to be in a rank of a girl indecently."But just returned from Venice Igor Wernick did not get into any of the categories - "most charming" has been recognized by Igor Krutoy, "most stylish man" became Igor Chapurin and even Dima Bilan with a light feed Tina Kandelakki elevated to the rank of "Russian pop genre".

The next day, the most beautiful list expanded to a hundred.And they enrolled to all those who came: Oksana Robski with his son, "plowing wear mother" Dana Borisova, hiding under black glasses bruised Sergey Lazarev with eternally young Leroy Kudryavtseva, couple Strizhenov, Natasha Ionov, Oxana Fedorova (this time without Baskov)"hryapnuvshego vodka" Pasha Volya and Marika other hastily dressed guests - the capital that day dazzled secular parties.By tradition, the May weekend fashion show finished brides.Irene Ponaroshku betrothed this time tried in a gold dress and turban.But the young men again got the wrong: "Damn you!Again ballet dancer! "- In the hearts cut Ponaroshku.Singer Slava "spouse" was selected under the hair color, and the bride came to the podium to have a stroller with a dark complexion and a child in her arms."No matter what your child," green, light blue or pink!The most important thing is "- fashionable crowd hooted.Aurora, the day before pretending leopard (woman shocked the public coloring leggings) pereoblachili in Runaway Bride.But from her husband, who watched from the first series, it was not possible to escape.But Yana Rudkovsky, though deserved day before the title "The most stylish pair of" day after day, while away in the women's society.And even on the podium now eternal bride (so recently called secular parties in Jan) out, accompanied by Victoria Boni.

- What to do on men are not in season - sympathized Bonya, clinging to the arm Rudkovsky with a kiss.But that has not penetrated, he pulled down her arm and covered the nerve spots.