Exercises for the Waist ( exercise, health and beauty )

What should be waist circumference in women?Young, with a normal body, waist circumference should be equal to the growth of minus one hundred.For example, women with the growth of 166 cm, it is good to have a waist circumference less than 66 cm. In fine-boned women, this figure would be slightly less, while larger boned.How to achieve this?To become slimmer waist, it is necessary, first of all, get rid of the excess fat that is deposited in the abdominal wall, to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back.It is important to maintain the waist not only muscles, but also with the help of the girdle or belt.

will help you in this exercise - a special complex for those who want to have a thin waist.Take advantage of self-employment dynamic and static exercises.Below are exercises to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles.Each exercise is repeated 12-16 times, greatly straining muscles.Only in this case two months later we can hope for success.

1. Start out- Lying on his back, legs bent, feet on the

floor.Tilt your bent legs to the side so that they hit the floor.His back did not break away from the floor.Do the same to the other side.

2. Lie down on the mat, raise your hands up over your head, follow the torso twists, rolls on the floor first in one direction - to 1-1,5 m, then in the opposite direction.Repeat 3-4 times.

3. Start out- Lying on his back, arms to the side, bent legs slightly raised.Turn the legs, trying to touch the floor with his knee, first one, then the other side.

4. Start out- The same, but straight legs raised up.Try to lower the straight leg, first in one direction, to put them on the floor, then raise and lower the other side (Fig. 3).

5. Ip- Lying, hips on the bench, his feet are fixed, face turned down, arms bent at the elbows, hands are on the back of his head.Rotate the torso to the side, trying to take your elbows back.

6. I.p.- the same, but the head and shoulders slumped.Straightening the trunk, turn it to the side, look at the ceiling, tilt your head and straighten your back, turning the body to the other side (Fig. 4).

7. Ip- also.Perform circular motions the body in one direction and the other (Figure 5).

8. Ip- Sitting on the bench, feet fastened to the brush head.Reject body back, drawing the face in one direction and then in another direction.

9. Ip- With his back to a wall or door, which at the level of the shoulder is fixed at one end expander or a thick rubber band, the other end of the harness - in his right hand.Rotate the torso to the left, stretching expander.Repeat, holding the expander left hand and turning to the right.

10. Ip- Right side lying on the mat, hands on head level.Try lifting the legs, to take them to the left.Repeat lying on the other side

11. Ip- Standing legs apart, hands rest on his chair.Do side bends.

12. Twist the metal hoop at the waist ( "hula-hoop") for 3-5 minutes.

13. Follow the torso turns to the health drive with slightly bent legs and hands divorced in the sides for 3-5 minutes.