Exercise for the neck .Women's beauty secrets

If you perform these exercises twice a week, the neck will look taut even in the beginning of employment starosti.Pered wash your neck with cold water.Exercises are performed while sitting with his back straightened.Breath calmly, deeply.Thoughts are focused on the actions committed.Each exercise is repeated 2-3 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 15 times.After class, the neck rinse with cool water and brush with cream.

1. Very flip your head back, relax your jaw and mouth slightly open.Now, straining the muscles in the chin, slowly, but with force, tighten the lower jaw to the top so that it is slightly covering the top.Try to get a lower lip nose.

2. throws his head back, his hands clasped at the back to "lock".Hands to resist.You should feel tension in your neck.

3. Straighten your chest and place the fingers on his shoulders.Now try to pull the neck up strongly, with the shoulders do not pick up, and click on them with your fingers.Hold this position for 10 seconds.Breathe,


4. Hands along the body, shoulders relaxed.Lower the head on the chest and "roll" on her left shoulder.Then tilt the head back onto the right shoulder and on his chest again.Repeat movement.

5. Lean elbows on the table and fold hands in "lock".Put your hands on the chin.Now slowly raise your hands chin up, at the same time overcoming the resistance.Then, pressing the chin, lower your arms down.Relax.

6. Pull his lips and actively articulating, say the sounds: a, y, u, a, s.You can perform silently.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck wide.

7. Vigorously lower corners of the mouth down and tighten your neck muscles.Feel as she tensed.Freeze for a few seconds and then relax.

8. Squeeze the lips and cheeks inflate.Attach your fingers to cheeks and press, holding lips are closed and not letting the air.Count to 10, then relax and repeat 10 times.Gradually bring the score to 30.

9.Shiroko open mouth and eyes, count to 3. Repeat the exercise 10 times.Then do the exercise, turning his head to the left (5 times) and right (5 times).Relax.

10.Vozmite pencil in his mouth.Pulling the chin forward, describe circles in the air, or write letters.Relax.

To avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the neck:
not sleep on the high pillows
not prop chin
hands do not slouch
not bow low over the book.