Pilates - as a means to be beautiful and graceful .Exercise for a beautiful figure

Pilates - one of the safest and most useful techniques, which not only helps to tighten the muscles of the dates, but also to become more agile, graceful and healthy.The history of this technique is as follows.Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880, he was a sickly child.However, a strong will and desire to win illnesses led Pilates to develop its own system of exercises.For 14 years he had athlete's health and body and even posed as a model.Joseph Pilates saw the body as a whole system, part of which must interact optimally.

Pilates - a set of exercises for the whole body, which develops flexibility and mobility.This is one of the safest types of exercise.No other exercise does not have enough soft on the body, while strengthening it.

particularly needed exercise for the Pilates system for women because they can significantly strengthen the muscles of the lower back, the press and the pelvis, which is important in pre-natal and post-natal period.

Pilates develops coordination, improves flexibili

ty, learns to move gracefully and beautifully.Pilates useful for people of any age and gender, anyone who wants to look good and be in good shape.

There are three types of Pilates exercises:
on special simulators.
on the floor.
on the floor with special equipment.

The main difference from regular Pilates exercise equipment that the support on which you are performing the exercise is not rigidly fixed.Therefore, during the exercise of the power you have to put extra effort to keep his balance.

exercises with special equipment - ball and expander.

1. Warming .Balance training - spine mobilization, strengthening of the leg muscles.Sit on the ball, holding the balance.Feet should always be firmly pressed to the floor.

2. exercises hands.Strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.Push-ups on the floor, knees on the ball.Sight is directed to the floor, legs straight.

3. rise feet.Strengthens the legs and mobilizes the thoracic spine.By placing the ball under his stomach, lift the straight leg.Keep your shoulders and wrists at the same level.

4. Turns torso.Mobilizes the thoracic spine, strengthen pelvic muscles Place the ball under your lower back, torso twists follow.Keep your feet on the floor, do not move the pelvis

5. Raising feet.Strengthens the legs and mobilizes the thoracic spine.Get on your knees, place the ball under him, holding the balance, at the same time lift the opposite arm and leg. "

6. Stretching the hip.It relaxes the back.Lying on his back, rolled the ball positioned under your feet.

7. Bending legs.It strengthens the muscles of the legs and pelvis .Lying on your back, put your feet on the ball, perform pelvic lifts.Do not let the ball go.

8. Exercise to strengthen the inner sides of the thighs .Lying on his side, at the place his foot on the ball, perform pelvic lifts.Keep hips exactly one above the other, are not rolled back forward or back.

9. Exercise for pelvic muscles.Mobilizes thoracic spine, strengthens the pelvic muscles.Place the ball under the blade, follow the rise of the pelvis.Keep your feet off the floor.

10. Relaxation .At the end of the training, pay is always a time for stretching and relaxation of muscles.Lie flat on your back on the mat and relax.

Here are a few exercises for those who choose to engage in by this method.To fulfill their needs soft, comfortable pad.

«hundred» .Lie on your back so that the entire spine touch the floor.Hands free pubescent along the body, palms lie on the floor.Slowly raise your knees to your chest and then straighten them up at an angle of 90 ° to the body.Tighten the chin to the chest and then raise the shoulders so that the straight arm parallel to the floor.Tighten your buttocks and stomach to the lower back.Breathe slowly through the nose while breathing in and breathing out of 5 accounts.At the same time on each account to carry out small but tough hands straight up and down, as if the hands need to hammer nails.When finished, completely relax the entire body.It is necessary to ensure that this exercise is 100 accounts.

«Paradise» .Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms over your head.Without raising his head and body up and down with his hands on his heels.The back is round, the head is lowered down, arms extended straight forward, palms lie on the floor.Tighten your buttocks to the heels to stretch the lower back is better.Breathe slowly and deeply.

Stretching for spine.Sit on the floor, straighten your back.Dilute straight legs shoulder-width apart.Extend the arms straight in front of you at shoulder level.Tighten up the spine, straighten your chest.On the inhale tighten stomach and buttocks to the waist and slowly lower body forward, rounded vertebra by vertebra, like go to the big ball.Exhale and stretch his arms and chest forward.On the inhale to return to starting position.Exhale.Repeat 3 times.Then stretch the muscles of the back, leaning forward to the legs and feet clasping hands.

Alternate bending knees .Lie on your stomach.Raise your body and rely on the bent arm.Elbows should be just below the shoulders.Hands are joined.Spread the chest.Look straight ahead.Bend the right leg and pull your heel to the buttocks.2 times harder to pull the heel to the buttocks and lower leg.Straighten the right leg.Make a similar exercise left foot.All the time to pull the abdomen and buttocks to the spine.All the while straining the muscles of the buttocks Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Rules perform exercises.
• Need to focus and think about the muscles that develop.
• You must be able to focus on the exercises.
• The correct type of breathing - diafragmalnyy.t.e. the breath "belly."Breathing is necessary, as in yoga class, through the nose, directing the inspiratory air stream in the lower back.
• Perform exercises to gently and efficiently.