Yoga in the office ( a set of exercises for health and beauty )

If your working day lasts from 9 am to 8 pm, it is difficult to find time to do sports.But do not despair: there is always a way out.You can, for example, do yoga ... right in the workplace.This set of exercises will take no more than five minutes and give a wonderful refreshing effekt.- Sit on the edge of a chair, put his feet in front of you at hip width.Place the hands on the hips, straighten up and try to feel the balance of all the parts of the body, imagine that the head, the heart and the coccyx - this is the point on a vertical line.Breathe in and out for every five bills.Sit so much as want.

- Then inhale and raise your hands over your head.The right hand holds the left wrist.On the exhale, bend to the right.Stay in this position three breaths.Then, inhale, straighten and change hands.Repeat for the left angle.Straightened up, lower your arms.

- Take a few laps shoulders, lifting them high and dropping lower.In the fourth round weave your fingers behind your back.Hands should be as straight a

s possible.You can weave your fingers behind the back of the chair, leaning back against it.As you inhale, lift the chest and Freeze for a while in this position.Three times a deep breath and exhale.

- Take a deep breath and exhale.After exhalation free hand, put them on your knees and bend the back inside.Try to strike a pose sitting cat.Head tilted so that the neck was open and relaxed.Breathe deeply, feeling the back.

- From the previous position, lean the body to literally "fall" between the knees.Touch the floor with his hands.If not, hold yourself in a sitting position, hugging her ankles.The head should be as low as possible - certainly below the hips.

- straightened up slowly, pull the spine.On the exhale, make a strong turn to the right.Place the left hand on the outer surface of the right thigh.A right hand grab the back of his chair.Make sure that the area of ​​the right elbow, the chest was not squashed or lowered.Do not forget to rotate along with the body of the head.When looking through the right shoulder, slide your eyes from the top - right down - left.Repeat the exercise for the eyes twice.Close your eyes and return to starting position.Now turn to the left again.

Spend time on this simple set of exercises - take care of your beauty and health!