Correction face ( make-up rules)

main rule "painting on the face" - no sharp boundaries between light and shadow.and another pattern.dark colors diminish, deepens, alienate and light - enhance, zoom, expand. Correction of the face

If you have the ideal face shape, you can only be happy.If not - worth a little work on it.

square face .
visually soften the rectangular outline of the face and protruding corners.Darker tone is applied to the area of ​​"branches" of the mandible.Blush is applied under the eyes and in the shaded side.

round face .
visually reduce the volume of the cheeks, elongated face.On his side the entire surface is covered with a darker tone.Blush - on the cheeks in the shape of a triangle, stretched to the corners of the mouth.

elongated face .
necessary to extend the face, reducing its height.Darker tone is superimposed on the lower part and frontal mounds.Lighter - the lateral surface of the face.Blush - in the form of an oval, horizontally shaded.

Triangular face .
balances the wide upper part of the face

with a narrower bottom.On the side surface of the forehead and cheekbones - darker tone.Lightest applied to the sides of the lower face.Blush - the front surface of the cheek.

Diamond-shaped face .
Soften angular contours, reducing the width of the cheekbones.Dark tone superimposed on the lateral surface of the cheeks and the chin tip.Blush - on the front surface of the jaw in the form of a triangle, shaded to the level of the outer corners of the eyes.

Correction eyes.

Round eyes.
should be closer to the perfect almond shape.The contour of the eyelids must go beyond the outer corner of the eye to 3-4 mm.Shadows shaded horizontally towards the temples.The most intense color shades - by the external eye corner.

Convex eyes.
Reducing excessive convexity century - they cause shadows pale, not very light, non-shiny colors.The circuit is made very thin and softly shaded pencil at the outer corner of the eye.

«incident» eyes.
correction is reduced, of course, to the lift descended outside corners.Circuit held from mid-century, with thickening of the line to the outer corners and a slight uplift of up.Shadows are applied at the outer edge of the eye towards the temples.

deep-set eyes .
They need to increase and "withdraw" from the depths.On the upper eyelid - shadow of light colors can be pearl.Ocular crease slightly obscured, and the space under the brows lightens light shadows.Circuit held from the middle of the soft line.On the lower eyelid also applied light shadows.

Close-set eyes .
should be visually they "arrange".The bright shade applied to the mobile eyelid, on the space below the eyebrows and near the inner corner of the eye.Circuit held from the middle of the eye and is leading up to 3-4 mm on the lower eyelid and from the middle to the outer corner.Tuck eyes obscured by shadows neutral tones.Eyelashes stained from the middle to the sides with a twist.

Small eyes.
shadow and outline are applied very carefully and gently.Circuit at the outer corner is lifted up.Shadows from the inner edge of the eye on the rise of "utemnyayutsya" - from light beige to brown.On the outer part of the lower lid - the same shade as on the upper.

lips Correction

Lips should be adjusted very carefully, because they are mobile, and all the makeup negligence appear immediately and without delay.Pencil outline correction is performed in the same color as the lipstick or darker tone.And the essence of it all boils down to the same general principles: a small - growing, large - is reduced, etc.