Gymnastics for breast augmentation ( physical exercises for a beautiful figure )

mammary glands can develop gradually and increase due to gymnastic exercises.The most rapid growth in the volume of muscles usually occurs in the first month of training.During this time, the bust circumference may increase by 6-8 cm. Gymnastics The course consists of 13 exercises, their implementation requires at least 25-30 minutes.Charging do between breakfast and dinner, in a comfortable and loose clothing, the breast should not be constrained byustgalterom.1.Tilt the head back and to the sides.His shoulders straightened, laid back and dropped down.

2. flex the torso back, his head slightly bowed to the shoulder, pull the floor.

3. Slowly lift the shoulders to the ears, just as slowly lower them down.

4. Pull tight hand in hand, slowly lift them up and lower down.

5. Spread the arms to the side and turn them vigorously.The maximum diameter of the circle, which describes a brush while driving -. 40-50 cm

6. Dilute outstretched hand in hand back.

7. Hands bend your elbows and push to the body,

hands - on his shoulders.Strongly motion raise your hands, straightening up, go back to the starting position, then straighten the sides - starting position, down - and back to its original position.

8. Brush folded hands hook the lock back on the waist, and then straighten, dropping down.

9. Move shoulders forward and backward.

10. outstretched hands towards describe large circles.This exercise is called "mill".

11. Connect the hands in front of chest and forcefully push the palm.

12. A bent arm - at the waist, the second - is raised up.Tilt your torso toward the bent arm.Change hands.

13. Hands - per head.Tilt your torso to the side, forward and backward.These exercises are performed on a daily basis, each at least 8 times.After two exercises pause, during which the calm breathing.

self-massage .

Self-massage for breast enhancement as do every day for at least a quarter of an hour.The massage is performed by three methods.

1. Stroking.It is made by hand, lubricated with petroleum jelly.Movement slow cautious.In the direction of the sides to the center, but without touching the tip of the nipple.

2. Kneading.Breast lift the hand and crumple it with your fingers, these movements

can be likened to squeezing a sponge or kneading dough.

3. Effleurage.It is made staccato blows that do not cause pain.Fingers should run fast as the keys, and the edge of the palm should be large enough to pat on the chest surface, as if getting in through the muscle layer.