When it is time to change the makeup ?( Cosmetics and perfume )

overflowing, sloppy cosmetic - a direct threat to your beauty.But many of us are categorically unwilling to part with some of the tube of her purse.We are very reluctant to throw away old makeup.However, the cosmetic treatment - the first step towards the creation of a new image.Undoubtedly, you have time available.The search keys in the morning - an unpleasant thing, so why even wanted to be distracted by masking a pencil or lipstick?Besides, throwing all the junk, whose shelf life has long gone, you can with a clear conscience go into cosmetics shop. When it's time to throw away old makeup? Everyone knows that beauty is not eternal, and the more cosmetics.When it's time to throw out old cosmetics?

Mascara .Replace every 3-4 months.Delay - and begin to breed bacteria, irritating the mucous membrane of the eye.If you have picked up some sort of an infectious disease of the eyes, immediately throw away the mascara.

Shadows .Depending cream shadow storage conditions may be a year or two, dry shade - l

onger since they are not oxidized and do not contain water.If on the surface appeared shadows shiny plaque, scrape it with a blunt knife, to get to the bottom layer.

Lipstick .Made of wax, it is saved for years, but the heat can change the texture, color and texture.

Basis under make-up.It should be enough for a year, but it should be kept in a cool place, carefully closing the lid.If the stem thickens, there was an unpleasant odor or sediment, without sparing, discard it.

Powder .Its shelf life - two years, though, if you keep it in the bathroom, where the air is wet, it can become wet and take lumps.To remain crumbly powder and air, store it in a dry place.

eyeliner and lip .They are stored up to two years, if they are not exposed to direct sunlight.Otherwise, the wax included in their composition, it can melt.

Brushes .Dirty brushes can be the reason that your makeup does not look like it should.They can also cause skin irritation - due to bacteria remaining on them and sebum.Wash them every week (in the summer - more often) with warm water and a small amount of a mild shampoo.Then rinse under running water and, giving them a form, put on a dry cloth.

If you follow these tips, your makeup will always look perfect.