Biologically active additives (BAA ) in the composition of cosmetic products ( cosmetics and perfume )

In order to make cosmetic preparations of therapeutic and prophylactic properties in its composition is administered variety of dietary supplements (BAA).These include:
a) vitamins

b) the number of

individual synthetic products) protein hydrolysates

d) medicinal herb extracts.

Herbs immemorial has attracted people's attention and are used not only for the treatment of many diseases, but also as a cosmetic preparations.For centuries, he accumulated a wealth of experience, which is currently successfully used in research and in the practice of medicine, as well as in the household.

The literature on medicinal plants, there is a lot of data on the use of herbs to fight with various cosmetic defects.

Usually herbs have a set of healing properties.Many of them have both anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial action.So, Burdock is part of a group of anti-seborrhoeic, antiseptic and epiteliziruyutsya plants.

Versatility actions of a number of plants makes them particularly attractive f

or use in cosmetics.
Extracts from medicinal plants are usually prepared in the form of infusions, decoctions or infusions.

offer you a list of biologically active additives used in cosmetics.

Acorus Calamus (Air marsh, up closeup, Yawar, irny root) - herbaceous perennial marsh plant from the family Araceae.It occurs almost throughout the European part of the CIS.It grows in swamps, on the banks of ponds, in shallow water with standing water.As a medicinal plant used the root of the plant has a pleasant smell.
Calamus rhizome contains tannins and essential oil and alkaloids and volatile, has a pronounced antiseptic properties.
Air has long been used in the form of infusions, decoctions, powders for the prevention of hair loss.
In cosmetics and p is used in the form of an oil extract in creams, elixirs and dental tools for hair care.

Allantoin - white powder, produced synthetically.
Has epithelizing effect on rough, having cracked skin, eliminates peeling and corn formation and makes the skin smooth and supple, strengthening its regenerative capacity.
Allantoin is used in cosmetic creams and lotions in concentrations of up to 0.5 per cent.

Aloe - tree is an evergreen perennial plant of the lily family.Widely throughout the world as bedroom culture.
leaf juice (lotions) used in the treatment of purulent wounds and pustular skin diseases.
Efficiency external use juice due to its bactericidal properties.It has a devastating effect on many pathogenic microbes.The juice composition includes enzymes, vitamins and antibacterial agents.
In cosmetics, aloe is used in the form of a fortified juice, it is administered in creams designed for oily and normal skin of the face is prone to acne, irritations.
Aloe juice is part of many anti-masks and applications with sagging, flabby, pale skin, and oily seborrhea with inflammatory phenomena.
Due to its bioactivity of aloe has contraindications.This idiosyncrasy, teleangeoektaziya (closely spaced vessels), hypertrichosis (facial hair), thin dry skin.