Makeup Lessons .Color makeup solution

Before you pick up a brush and comfortably get around the mirror, let's delve into the theory, because in order to do a good make-up, you need not only the presence of cosmetics, but also an idea of ​​what you want sdelat.V decorative cosmeticsIt uses the entire color palette, consisting of primary and secondary colors.Auxiliary color, being located nearby, are mutually reinforcing.

So, green eyes will look more impressively marked shades of reddish color.The bluish-green and blue eyes can distinguish shades of orange, blue color enhancers.Hazel eye color is well emphasized by purple and yellow shadows of various shades.Brown eyes will appear darker if the eyelids painted in pink, bright red (carmine), lilac color, the color fuchsia.Look beautiful brown eyes combined with the same color shades.

Remember that makeup should also be in harmony with the color of clothing.

The choice of colors is so depends on the taste of each person, that is irrelevant any hard advice.For example, some people like to em

phasize the blue eyes bright shadows, while others believe that the bright colors mute natural eye color and choose a neutral shade.Try different options, and you may find that unexpected combinations of colors will best shade your eyes.It is important to accurately apply the paint on them.There is nothing worse than ill-considered set of random colors.

And of course, when choosing colors, be sure to take into account the color of the skin.
very light skin may appear pale with a sharp eye makeup, so a more appropriate watery iridescent colors.The darker the skin and hair color, the more catchy eye makeup can be: v.etom case of bright rainbow colors do not suppress.Pale shadows seem darker on darker skin

use cold tones, reflecting the natural shine of black or brown skin, can give an unexpected effect.However, you can not always use cool colors, especially in the wrinkled skin of eyelids.

person blondes do more expressive paint an intense bright red color

eye shadow - greenish, brownish, gray shades

lipstick - bright pink.
dark woman fit the darker tone shades, red-haired - beige and light brown, maybe even gold.Powder in tone should match the color of the skin.Red-haired woman with light skin and greenish eyes fit green eye shadow, as well as gold or copper shades.Lipstick and blush can be dark pink.

In working with colors, be aware that they are mutually reinforcing.
Thus, in the eyes with yellowish tinting proteins should not be used purple and olive green.Purple lipstick can not be used, if the teeth are yellow hue.

If the eyes are red streaks, do not use the green shadows or shades of green.This will enhance the effect of "damaged" eye.

Cool colors create a sense of depth of view, warm - a feeling of relief.For upper eyelids seemed less sunken, they can be painted pale pink, pale green shadows.They will look strikingly.

Red and green - the color transition, they may be the cold, then warm, as are influenced by adjacent colors.

Red, located next to the lilac or purple will seem warm, but if it will stand next to a green, yellow or orange, it will feel cold.

Recently, eye make-up is based on the use of color games.

Use the shade of the same intensity as that of the iris, but different color.For example, brown eyes will look more impressive if the eyelid paint shadows medium-intensive green tone green and yellow eye shadow can be painted a light pink color.