Emollients , fragrances and perfumes in the composition of cosmetic products ( cosmetics and perfume )

Emollients .Emolenty - are fats and fat-like substances, the components of the oil phase, which are included in cosmetics to soften the skin.

action of these ingredients only superficial, they only enhance the appearance, does not penetrate deep into the skin and without exerting any influence on living cells.

as emollients are used: waxes (beeswax, candelilla, carnauba)

natural fats and oils

ceresin, mineral (paraffin) and castor oil

esters (isopropyl myristate, etc...)

fatty alcohols (stearylalcohol and t. p.)

lanolin and its derivatives

silicone compound (dimethicone, cyclomethicone, and the like. p.).

cosmetics manufacturers use emollients mainly to improve the visual characteristics of the drug (light distribution, fast absorption, a pleasant feeling of smoothness and silkiness of the skin after application).

However, consumers of cosmetics, especially for those whose skin is prone to the formation of comedones, you should know that on the conclusion of an independent scientific e

xamination of some widely used emollients cause clogging of the sebaceous glands and provoke acne.

In the "black list" were :
• free fatty acids and their derivatives

• lanolin

• coconut oil

• undiluted almond oil

• isopropyl

• isostearyl alcohol

• isopropyl.

Recently, a special popularity began to use drugs in which emollients are the silicone oils - chemical compounds containing silicon.These substances are considered safe due to its biological inertness and promising thanks to the ease with which they attach to the cream given consumer properties, provide better distribution and reduce stickiness.

Flavours, fragrances .

These components are introduced into the composition of cosmetic products with a single purpose - to give the product a certain smell, of course, to improve the consumer qualities.In fact, fragrances often cause unwanted skin reactions, expressed allergies.

order to natural aromatic oils have become the most safe, they require a high degree of purification.And this, as you know, makes the product expensive.

From this viewpoint quality synthetic flavors have an advantage over natural essential oils, as are the chemically pure substance released from the ballast.