Points and makeup ( make the rules )

Until you get rid of them, some tips on how to properly use makeup when wearing glasses.There is makeup for the short-sighted, there are make-up for the farsighted.These two kinds of make-up different from each other, since the different spectacle lenses and eyes look through them in raznomu.Esli you suffer hyperopia, the eye glasses impart a convex shape.This feature should be taken into account when applying makeup.Eyes need to sum up weaker, more natural, so that it does not stand out through the lens magnification.It is best to use calm, pastel colors.It will look good smoky, gray, dark brown color.Bright or pearlescent shade in farsightedness inappropriate.They will be very evident.The same rule applies to those who prefer a darker color over the eye and eyebrow, such as black, blue, brown.

If you have myopia, makeup can be more vivid, intense.This is due to the fact that the glasses with myopia greatly reduces the eye, so you should choose a make-up to hide this shortcoming.Eyes fail the midst.Ma

scara gives your lashes an elongated shape and velvety.When painting the eyelashes can bend them with a brush.

to the skin around the eyes did not seem to separate from the whole make-up, it should be toned darker powder or blush brush cause.

Many women know that it is not always those glasses that they wear to work, suitable for special occasions.Therefore, they often have more than one pair of points.Well, on the rim of the glasses, too, there is a certain fashion.For example, in the evening it is now fashionable to wear glasses in a thin metal or plastic frame.Its color should be bright, to as little as possible to stand out on his face.Under the color and shape of eyeglass frames can pick the appropriate makeup.For thin metal frame colors fit more of a cold Group: purple, pearl, smoky, smoky-gray, silver-blue-gray.The same color will suit and blue frames.On the face, apply blush, concealer under intense tan.

If you prefer a thin rim of golden or plastic horn-rimmed transparent color, Pick brown or beige shade, brown eyeliner, black or dark red to brown.Cold tone under the frame of this kind are not suitable.

color glasses and frames can be selected not only for a certain time of day, but depending on the time of year.During the summer, many use dark glasses.This is justified because the sunglasses protect the retina of the eye from the bright rays of the sun.

Sometimes glasses and used as a decorative element, as a complement to the hair or costume.Yet there is one "but": the glasses can not be abused, it can severely affect your vision.

As for the shape and color of frames, it is necessary to remember that the frame can add charm to you, but it can also ruin your appearance if it is picked up incorrectly.Dark frame gives a more rigorous view.Young girls can give it a bit of maturity, but older women will age.You can not always use sunglasses with dark lenses.This can adversely affect vision.If you are using a lens requires the appropriate makeup.You have purchased the lens for the first time?Then it will be better if you go to a specialist for advice on proper care of them.Remember that the lens is removed after removing make-up, and insert them before applying cosmetics.If you purchased colored lenses, do not try to immediately change your make-up.You can use the same colors in the same sequence to apply makeup.You just need a little more attention to be paid to be applied around the eye shadows.It is best to use an applicator and use compact shade, not Loose.

When applying make-up, take care to cosmetic products have not been put on the lens.Choosing eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelid, eye shadow podbrovnogo space, mascara, do not blindly follow fashion, and consider the features of your appearance.Focus on the time of day, time of year, again, make sure what type of your face.After all, choosing the make up, we take into account not only their taste, but also the nature.