Seduction smell ( cosmetics and perfume )

Some women are very difficult to remain faithful and constant to a single smell, even though it sounds romantic.Just think about Marilyn Monroe's association with "Chanel №5», - «I will never consider myself to people, which can be identified by the same smell.I too love to flirt, when it comes to smelling.And I can not stay on one forever smell "Smell -. Not only a reflection of our personality and our lifestyle.We call it "confidence in a bottle."A study of a large cosmetics company, found that 50% of women admit that when they feel the smell of perfume, it gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Why we use perfume?One reason is that odors affect emotions.Studies have proven that spirits can influence the brain through the sense of smell, and even through the skin.Research explains that the most attractive smells - those that provoke a sense of joy in the media.But can you claim that the first smell, in which you fall in love - the same one with whom you have a novel today?Probably not.The idea of ​​a li

fetime to smell the same, of course, romantic, but in practice it is very difficult to resist the temptation, when every year there is so much on offer new flavors.

«When saying goodbye in the morning you kiss your loved one, you should smell so marvelous that it all day remember your scent, not perfume his secretary."
Estee Lauder

We all probably have a friend whose smell you feel before she will approach you.I call this "marry the smell."So how do you define a smell that makes you memorable?

Now aroma - it is something more than a pleasant smell.This is - an expression of your inner "me."Glamorous advertising convinces us that a certain smell will make us leaner, sexier, richer.In fact people are promoting a particular flavor, want us to say, "Yes, it is true»

Although the choice of fragrance depends on what you want to be or to appear today, the main implication of it is that if youdid not like the smell of perfume, you're not going to buy them.A leading expert in perfumery Rog Dove believes that properly selected woman smell produces the same shocking as bright red lipstick on the lips of a nun.

your favorite flavor (or flavors) must be from the first second to get rid of excess alcohol and exercise ethereal aromatic notes.So how do you choose a perfume?

Want to know which perfume suits you?Take this little test - and you know it!Open your perfume essence!

1. Most of all you like color:

a) pink

b) red

c) green

g) chocolate.

2. The ideal vacation for you - this trip:

a) Paris

b) Thailand

c) Switzerland

g) Australian forests.

3. You have too much:

a) luxury handbags

b) sandals high heels

in) jeans

d) books.

4. Can you describe your style as:

a) very feminine

b) hippie bohemian chic

c) neighbor girl

g) classic but not boring.

5. What was your most coveted item grooming:

a) manicure

b) full body massage

c) cleansing and facial massage

g) reflexology.


majority of responses (a):
You are born for light floral scents - unobtrusive, charming, sexy and full of personality, as you are!I enjoy the flavors, quick uplifting.Base notes for you - fragrances of rose, orchid, gardenia and colored peas.

Most responses (b):
you exotic and sensual and know well how to accentuate the natural sexuality.So you are sure to enjoy the intense musky oriental flavors.You come jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and sweet fruit.

Most responses (in):
you - free-spirited secular butterfly who prefer vigorous herbal and citrus notes.Do you like to be outdoors, so fragrant bouquet of blooming grapefruit, lemon, tangerine or orange will make your pulse beat faster.

Most responses (g):
you a solid, down to earth person, not soaring in the clouds, and you know well that you like.You some inherent elegance.You - the sensual earthly nature.I enjoy languishing base notes vetive Mr. and musk.