Makeup Lessons .Cosmetic contour pencil ( perfumery and cosmetics )

rare complete without makeup pencil.That he can change the shape of the eye, to make the look more expressive, correct form brovey.Konturnye eyeliners vary in consistency, which determines their function.

The toughest pencil - Eyebrow.The softest - for centuries.Liquid eyeliner - to fine a clear line on the eyelid.

most soft pencil for eye contour - it Kaya (kayal).It allows you to carry out a fat, very bright line on the eyelids.Kaya, as a rule, there is a black - it is very dark, rich black or white - it is also very bright and saturated.Less commonly used pencil dark brown, dark blue, flesh color.Basically, there are make-up requires two colors Kaya - black and white.

That soft Kaya adds depth to the look, and that it is intended to dramatically change the shape of the eye (for example, to make it more elongated).

With White Kaya can optically enlarge the eyes.The inner edge of the lower eyelid is carried out a white line, which visually as if "merged" with the protein, resulting in the eye see

ms to be larger.

more solid consistency - contour eyeliners.In color they are all: black, gray, blue, blue, yellow, green, pink ... Their purpose - to emphasize the lash line and make the eyes more expressive.

But not only contour pencil eyeliner.To some extent it acts as a shadow, because it gives color.

When applying makeup pencil almost always shaded shadows.To contour line stand out, you need to use aylayner (eyeliner).

Aylayner or liquid eyeliner - not the latest fashion demand.Today fashionable dark circled eyes, but most of them fed outline with a pencil.Aylayner - a make-up in the style of the sixties, the star make-up "a la Sophia Loren," "a la Marilyn Monroe."

liquid eyeliner should be applied confident movement.For this reason, many companies are trying to produce a liner pen - this package is most convenient.The easiest way to apply liquid liner on the left hand tightly closed eyes always on the inner corner to the outer.The main thing - to hold the line eyeliner as close to the lash line, otherwise formed between the white line, which does not look too good.

Not surprisingly, if you have a very natural question: "Well, with different types of pencils all clear to their purpose seems to be the same, but all the same to choose a pencil and liquid liner in the ordinary store?".So ...

• Selecting contour pencil eyes, pay attention to the fact that he drew on the skin gently, without scratching it, while leaving a straight line, that is not too hard.When choosing, you are trying to pencil in the hand, Kaya should be very soft and leaves a greasy track, but an ordinary pencil has to leave a thin, soft trail.Naturally, pencils should be hypoallergenic and does not irritate the eyes.Unfortunately, this can only be checked by experiments on itself.But at least do not buy cosmetics brands questionable and unknown country of origin.

• When buying aylaynera make sure that his consistency is not too liquid, but rather creamy.Too liquid aylayner after drying may crack on the eyelid, and makeup will look sloppy.For everyday makeup is better to choose liquid eyeliner pen in the form.

• Contour eyebrow pencil should be tough enough to with it, you can adjust the shape of eyebrows.These pencils are often issued with a comb attached to the cap.

That-that, and pencils in your home beautician should be as much as possible.Remember the childhood and get yourself a box of crayons!By the way, is another means of getting rid of accidentally surging depression: open the box and join in drawing.And suddenly you napping talent make-up artist!

Using colored pencil - this is the most basic technique to emphasize eye color: blue - for blue eyes, green - for green.If the shade of a classic make-up always choose contrast, the pencil can be selected under the eye color.The same applies to the popular lately means of decorative cosmetics called shade pencil .

It is with a pencil, you can almost instantly turn day make-up in the evening.A little color, add a little more clearly draw a line eyeliner eyes, and here you have crossed the border day and night.

Like any tool makeup pencil is not in the purse alone.To him, at least, require sharpener (by the way, it is always better to buy it with a pencil and in the same firm).

For ease of use available with pencils erasers, applicators of foam or with a brush.Slate side of the pencil you fail the eye and attached to the other side of the applicator eyeliner shade.