Beach makeover "Gold Rush" ( make the rules )

This image can try on the blonde hair of warm honey-colored, light-haired and red-haired girl.His charm - in the golden light emanating from the image as a whole is achieved by a combination of swimsuit yellow, golden tones, it is possible to sparks or red patterns, with gold jewelery and make-up expertly made.

To create a "golden beauty", stop the choice on the makeup of warm, golden tones, perfect - with a light glow or gold shimmer.Well, if you're already a little "fry" in the sun: in this case, a light-brown tone cream and powder with effect of sunburn will look great on your face and body.

Remember that the tone should apply not only to the face but also on the décolleté, neck and shoulders, if necessary, to other areas of the body.To face looked natural and not look like a mask, apply foundation evenly, carefully distributing it over the skin with fingertips or a special sponge.

Of course, it must not only align the complexion, but also to protect it from ultraviolet (make sure that the SPF-fac

tor was more than 15).Shiny powder not abuse: to achieve a glow effect, you need to easily hold the brush with powder on the cheeks, forehead and chin, chest and shoulders.You can use any powder that you like: loose, compact or "meteors" (in balls)

long as it gives your skin a golden hue.

Emphasize eyes glow bright yellow, lemon or golden shadows, carefully distributing them across the applicator surface of the upper eyelid, rising to the eyebrows and gradually reducing the intensity of the color.

Finally, apply makeup on the cheeks blush and tone them -

lipstick color can vary from red to warm brown, but a prerequisite - a light golden glow.

Accessories choose to your taste: you can collect gold hair pins, weave in their bright yellow tape or wear a bandana fire.Good will look and loose curls falling down on the shoulders of beautiful and artistic mess, drizzled with golden varnish.Suitable all that glitters is gold, and: with rhinestones belt, brooch or a pair of scarves, bulky rings, earrings and bracelets, open sandals with high heels.Remember, You are a "golden girl", and your makeup just highlights your compelling and brilliant beauty.