Holiday Makeup for prom 2008

skillfully superimposed makeup does not just change the look of the lovely ladies - it completely transforms it, adding new colors to its shape.However, remember that a good result will come from the "right" makeup.

If you tastefully everything is in order and you prefer to "do" his own person, our tips and tricks you will be welcome.We offer you some of the rules applying to the festive make-up prom 2008.

Makeup "Romantic lady┬╗

This image is suitable light-skinned blondes.Clothing should be gentle tones, nothing flashy and bright figure in dress or suit and ornaments, you - very soft!Makeup need to emphasize your romance.Apply to face concealer clear your desired shade, you can lightly powdered cheekbones light powder with flickering effect, but the blush on should be abandoned.Let's face looks natural.

To underline the transparency of sight, put in the middle of the upper eyelids are light green, turquoise, blue or smoky eye shadow and smudge applicator or brush up their eyebrows.Eyelashes cover

appropriate to the shadows of color ink - blue or green, if you like, add sequins.You can go without mascara, if you have long eyelashes and fluffy, but black or dark brown ruin your image.everything should be transparent watercolor and in your appearance.The only bright spot on your face - lips.Circle lips soft dark pink pencil, cover them with a moisturizing lipstick saturated pink, slightly transparent, add shine.And no pearl!Your mouth should look sensual, but at the same time gentle, not predatory.

To enhance the effect disheveled hair and using a gel or varnish place them loose waves or beautiful streaks.

Makeup "Merry Kaleidoscope┬╗

This image fit active cheerful girl with a sense of humor, not afraid to experiment with your appearance.The meaning of "kaleidoscopic" make-up to be displayed on the face of all the colors that are present in clothes.Of course, the bright and colorful dress at the prom in 2008, the more interesting it will look.

For a start, apply a clear foundation on your face and a little - on the upper eyelids, so the shade will keep longer without folding or smearing.Lightly powder the cheeks, forehead and chin, but not shiny and iridescent powder and ordinary, the skin should be matte.After that, proceed to creativity.Here you have several options: you can "paint" only the eyelids or the entire face, to give preference to a pencil or shadows, to rely on the usual range of colors or even move away from it.It all depends on your taste, but we will tell you about each of the options.

effects makeup

fun effects you can achieve by choosing to decorate century crayons several colors (for example, your outfit in blue and yellow peas raspberry

means you need yellow, magenta, and blue pencils).From the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outer slide a thin green line, then right above it - a yellow, then crimson, and again yellow and green.You can leave it at that.Spread the applicator top line (in our version - green) to the eyebrows.Nakraste eyelashes ink color - green or red, and his lips - lipstick crimson in color pencil, put the appropriate blush.You can hold a pencil line (any color of your choice) on the lower eyelid, if desired.Make ready.

strips on the eyelid can be not only horizontal but also vertical.Start from the inner corner of the upper eyelid, Put the green dot, then drag next to a small yellow strip sledom- crimson, then repeat all over again.Alternate pencils and sketched eyelid strips as long as the entire space is filled with them.By the way, the same is not done with pencils for eyelids and creamy shadows (preliminary pencil outlining the "border" of each color).If you want to move the lower eyelid any pencil.Nakraste lashes color or regular black ink, and his lips - bright crimson lipstick.Make ready: your eyes look unusual, but very funny.

Of course, we must not forget that, and outfit and makeup should be organically combined with other factors, such as age and complexion.Makeup "cheerful kaleidoscope" to young and reckless girl looks naturally and causes surrounding only positive emotions!