You want to be beautiful ?makeup Lessons

How and to what extent to use make-up, each woman decides for itself samostotelno.If you feel beautiful and confident to "grease" the person - use make-up!Still, do not forget about the sense of measure, about your style, fashion and more about how to avoid unwanted consequences.It's 18 years it seems that in 35 you will have all the same, how you will look.But at 35, and later you already know exactly what it is not tak.Poetomu using cosmetics, you need to think not only about how to look beautiful today, but also worry about tomorrow later and your skin remains fresh and healthy.To what happened, should abide by the rules facials, and do it consistently.

How to make the right

Before you apply the evening or daytime makeup, once again, thoroughly clean the skin cosmetic milk.Then apply a thin layer of moisturizer - it is a good base for makeup.Eyelids a little cream and powder the grease.

Then (this is best done only for an evening out) put on the face is very smooth and thin layer of cream powde

r, which hides small skin blemishes.Make sure that the neck is not different from the color to the face and around the eyebrows and nostrils are not accumulated too much cream powder.

Then clean cotton swab easily from the sides toward the middle of the powder the face.It is important to properly choose the color of the powder - this is not true of the chosen color is sometimes a woman's face looks like a mask.Remember that lighting plays a role.What looks good in the evening, under artificial light (eg, a smooth powder pink, blue or green shade and paint for eyelashes), plays in the afternoon.

In daylight better looking powder slightly yellowish.Color powder should be a tone lighter than the silicon powder and a half-tone lighter skin.Better to have a powder two shades - lighter and darker.In the evening you will be able to darker powder "decorate" the parts of the person to whom you want to attract less attention.

Blush (if you do need to use them), apply a very thin layer, especially, take care that there is no visible borders.Correctly imposed blush can accentuate the freshness of the skin.Apply several thin strokes on the cheeks on each side - just below the eye, and is closer to the outer side of the face and lightly rub their cheeks.

eyelids, as mentioned above, is also necessary to grease cream.Use your fingertips to gently hammer the cream into the skin of a century in a circle (the top - from the inner corner of the eye), then under the eye, and then again on the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye.Remember that bright shade look impressive evening.To make it easier to impose them, eyelid skin can be slightly tightened.If you apply a shadow on the white powder or lipstick, eyes will appear less sunken.

Now eyelashes and eyebrows.Their best tint in beauty parlors - this paint lasts a few weeks and is not washed off with water.But not everyone has that opportunity.So learn to accurately and beautifully tint eyelashes.Again, note that in the evening, on a holiday you can afford to blue or green ink, and in the afternoon it would look pretentious.

Blondes more suitable not black and brown ink - it looks more natural.Eyelash paint moves from the bottom up, trying to paint is not got no forever, otherwise it will have to start anew, no eyes - it irritates the mucous membrane of the eye.You've probably noticed how ugly look matted eyelashes mascara, so it is better to comb a small clean brush.Yet we must be careful to tint eyebrows - very easy for them to "repaint".But if you still think that it is necessary, apply a small amount of cream eyebrows and paint on their thin strokes, imitating the hairs.Coal-black eyebrows with blonde hair look, perhaps even more unnatural than black lashes.Eyebrows should be slightly darker than the hair on the head and about the tone lighter than your eyelashes.Finally

of lipstick.Lipstick is applied to clean lips.They can be a little powder and then apply lipstick - it is better to stay.Surplus lipstick blot with a tissue.

(To be continued)