Language odors .Some facts about perfumes ( perfumery and cosmetics )

Of course, most of us will not be able to identify all the subtleties of flavors included in the bouquet of the specific perfume or cologne - it is on the shoulder, only a small number of specialists.It is much more important than the feelings that we experience or surrounding, catching a particular smell.However, it is sometimes useful to know the basics on which the parfyumeriya.Po nature odor perfume agents can be divided into two categories - floral scent possesses a natural and developed in the laboratories of original compositions, sometimes referred to as fancy.

Although, of course, the "natural" scents are also being developed in the laboratory, and to create them make an effort no less than for the synthesis of complex compounds of the second category.

Fantasy compositions, in turn, can be divided into several groups.

aldehyde group has a kind of fruit and floral aroma.A good representative of this group are the world-famous perfume "Chanel №5».

chypre group carries a bitter wood tone.Their

flavor is fresh, clean and reminiscent smells of the forest."Chypre" - "Coty" classical spirits company.Conventional components of chypre group are: bergamot, oak moss, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, rose.

next group - the composition with spicy aromas.The basis of these compositions comprise a mixture of spices with tropical flowers.The most typical representatives of this group - French perfume "Fiji".

The composition of spirits eastern direction includes amber, musk, jasmine, iris, orange blossom, balsamic substances and resins.By the spirits of this trend include the French perfume "Opium" and "Magee Noir".

last group of spirits has aromas of floral bouquet.It includes American spirits "Ciao" and the French "Diorissimo".

Did you know that the perception of flavors changes depending on the time of year.The heat may exacerbate the already sharp or spicy flavor.A dry winter air smell quite easy weaken, if not support it with appropriate means for the body.Somehow, in the summer it would be desirable perfume of fresh and cold in the winter - sweet and thick.But do not limit yourself to only one smell.

winter are especially good chypre perfume.Their tart, spicy woody notes of moss-emphasize the wealth of furs and give a feeling of internal heat.In summer, more appropriate sweet honey and floral aromas.

Psychologists do not recommend the use of a sharp smell in public institutions, especially in unfamiliar company.The fact that the "loud" perfume smell can cause irritation surrounding the respective forces.The main thing to not smell intensity and harmony.It is easier to achieve if you use the same brand of perfume.