Makeup Lessons .Correction face ( perfumery and cosmetics )

correctors, as is clear from their names, are necessary to remedy and camouflage skin imperfections that are very different.That is why there are so many proofreaders.However, they can be divided into two main types:
- the first is designed to adjust the skin tone and is applied to the entire face or a part thereof,
- the second is used to mask these flaws, like acne, dark circles under the eyes and so d.Nachnem first.such as correctors, which, according to the professional make-up artists, are needed to make a perfect make-up.They do not need a perfect owner for the skin color.And these lucky, alas, units.

So, how does this look magical means?Most often they are issued in the form of a light colored creams and called database under makeup.Databases are white, blue, green, violet, orange, and so on. D. With the help of a wet sponge, they are evenly distributed across the face, forming a subtle invisible film, which, however, can significantly improve the skin tone.

main thing when choosing a datab

ase is not to be mistaken with its color, otherwise the result may directly opposite to the expected.For example, reddened skin suit green concealer, and for dull - orange.He, incidentally, is also refreshing natural tan.Evening make-up will be impeccable, if a foundation and powder you apply a base of blue or purple color, which creates the effect of a porcelain skin.White concealer is commonly used for general osvetletleniya complexion, and its separate parts.For example, in the simulation of the oval face applied to its central portion (T zone).

The first type correctors are also compact and dry colored powder.They are applied by conventional powder and create the same effect as the creamy base.

second type correctors used to combat small deficiencies.To hide the "bruising" under the eyes come in handy thick cream-colored flesh, which should be no less than a tone lighter than the skin tone.This cream also helps you to hide minor redness (such as allergies) or burst blood vessels.If the results are not satisfied, use bold pencil-corrector.It is useful to you and to mask acne.