Makeup Lessons .Makeup " The play of light and shadow "

This makeup is appropriate for the wedding and for the prom.It is suitable and blondes and brunettes and dark-skinned and light-skinned.The only condition: the girls of "winter" and "summer" type of appearance should choose a blush shade and cool shade, and "spring" and "autumn" fit only to warm colors.If you can not find the color you want for yourself, then consult a makeup artist, he will tell you what colors you are. tone person: a gentle, smooth, pink or a warm peach shade (depending on your type of appearance).Gently apply a moisturizer on the cheeks tinted cream or foundation tone your desired shade (mousse or gel, their lightweight structure is ideal for wedding makeup!) And thoroughly blend.If necessary, cover with a tone as the forehead, nose and chin.Make sure that there is no sharp boundary between the face and neck.Apply a little foundation on the décolleté, blend well.Can lightly powdered breasts shiny powder - so you will attract attention to the neckline of the dress.

Use dry rouge two adjacent colors: sand with a pinkish tint, and beige (slightly brown).Your task - to give the face amount.To do this, apply with a brush on cheekbones and chin darker blush on the cheeks as well - light, blend the line between the two colors.Emphasize oval face cream base pink-beige with light reflecting particles: a brush or your finger, apply the finishing touches on their cheekbones and blend towards the temples.

Eyebrows : dark, but not coal-black.Move them kayalom brown or beige shades.

eyes : should attract the attention of radiance, for that they need to emphasize gently.In this field there is no make-up, eye shadow should flow smoothly into one another without clear transitions.Take three shades of beige: the most light, color of dry sand on the beach, with a muted golden glow, then two darker beige - with brown and coffee outflow.Apply to upper eyelid beige-brown shade, and on the area up to the eyebrows - coffee, they also move the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the inner.Clear up the upper eyelid folds sandy ash and Teesta shadows, they also apply under the eyebrows, emphasizing their bending.Blend shadow.
In the center of the upper eyelid at the inner corner of the eye and under the outer edge of the eyebrow pigment set point flickering light beige shade, blend well.This will add to the look of depth and mystery.

And, of course, do not forget about the eyelashes .You can use overhead: they are different, and you can purchase a separate "clusters" and continuous "brush", choose to your taste.If you want something original, then you will approach the "ladder" eyelashes, or just attach on the "beam" only in the outer corners of the eyes, giving himself a sly and mischievous look.Some girls like to stick false eyelashes not only on the upper eyelids, but also the lower

try, maybe this option is right for you.Eyes will look pathetic and naive.But the main thing - to do everything carefully, and then to the artificial eyelashes are not different from the present, cover them with one or two coats of black mascara.

Lips : soft, gentle, pale pink and slightly damp.To create this effect nakraste lipstick bright pink color, be sure to cool, and the top, apply a clear gloss pale peach color.You can also use lipstick pink-beige tone with a matt silky shine.In any case, your lip color should match the tone of rouge.

finishing touch to the portrait: it is necessary to paint the nail varnish of the same color as the lipstick, but you can enhance it.Excellent look candy-pink or pale peach nails.