makeup rules .Applying blush ( I am the most beautiful )

Without blush a woman of the XVIII century in France felt naked.Courtyard of Versailles Louis XV was pretty shocked when the bride arrived in France Dauphin, do not know in his country the ascetic blush.It took a court verdict to become a princess ... rouge rouge from medieval Rus did not refuse.Sometimes a wet cheeks rubbed with red paper

more willingly did it concoctions, which caused skin irritation and a rush of blood to her cheeks.

Blush perform two functions: animate the face and give form, underlining its structure.

Remember that the texture of the skin imposes certain restrictions

only matte shades can give a person's natural beauty.

Using blush is recommended especially when painful pale or grayish skin to give a fresh and healthy appearance.

Fatty red blush are applied to the four points of the size of a pinhead on the skin higher zygomatic bone.All art is only to successfully distribute and rub the blush.Make sure that no more ugly fringe unsuccessful sharp transition.Blush should gen

tly and easily move in the base color without penetrating too deeply into the skin.

difficulty lies in choosing the right tone.If you do not have the possibility to resort to consultation cosmetologist, look carefully in the daylight to the color of your cheeks after a hot bath.Or just pinch his cheek.Reaction enhanced circulation will give a clear answer to the question, what should be the color of blush.

It is interesting to know that successfully planted blush a little dot on the chin hide, thanks to the optical perception, the emerging second chin.Unexpected positive effect will give a small amount of blush to the earlobe.

on small areas of the face blush should be applied to small portions of the ring finger or a fine brush, as these light touches of color do not merge with the other portions.

is important to learn how to apply blush, especially on the cheeks.If you apply it too close to the nose, the face will look older, as this area will seem sunken, not rounded.Therefore blush always applied at a considerable distance from the nose, the cheeks up to the hair.

Except transparent blush in gel form, which are applied directly to the skin, contour paint overlaid on top of the basics, and is sure to powder.

on light skin look great cool shades of blush.A yellowish or olive complexion well shaded apricot, brownish, copper and coral shades.

Some blush contain gold or silver glitter.Using the blush gloss protects against the formation of shadows on the face.Perhaps, in a solemn situation, it looks impressive, but in the afternoon is better to use matte blush.