Beach makeover "Beauty mulatto " ( makeup lessons and rules)

great image, but to create it, it is necessary, first, to be a brunette or dark brown-haired woman, and secondly, how to catch a tan."Mulatto" can not have white skin and blond hair, she is supposed to be dark as chocolate.But the hairstyle, choose any which you like best: look great long, intricately arranged strands or continuous mop of hair that covers the blade.Even more impressive - short curls, elastic as springs.You can decorate the head of small pins: braid several thin braids and connect them to the ribbon or paint the individual strands of colored varnish, etc. If possible, remove the hair from her face, flip bangs from her forehead:.. So that you will attract attention to your eyes, that against the background of tannedpersons acquire special expressiveness.

Tone Cream tanned skin is not necessary, can be applied to the face moisturizer with a light beige shade if needed.To emphasize the tan, apply on cheekbones and chin powdered bronze, and on the cheeks - blush on the darker tone.

No reflective particles, pearl and gold dust!The skin should be matte.But the shadow, you can choose shiny, but be sure - light, so you visually open your eyes, tanned face and they will seem huge and bright.To enhance this effect nakraste lashes black mascara, you can gently hold a white or light gray pearl pencil along the edge of the lower eyelid: this will give your look soft.And be sure to emphasize the eyebrows of gray or brown ink or pencil.

Blush you do not need - the beauty of tanned skin is in its flat bronze color.It is not necessary to allocate the lips bright lipstick: they should be shiny, but not flashy.Cover them with brown lipstick, a suitable tone to your tanned skin and apply a clear gloss on top.

Everything is ready to make: if you did everything right, the surrounding can not look away from your face, especially - from your eyes, because the "mulatto" they are alive, expressive and crafty!