Tone cream in your purse ( perfumery and cosmetics )

creams are all European women.The French spend on it 25% of all funds allocated for cosmetics.Professionals consider it one of the most effective means for skin care.But our Russian ladies for some reason ignored and neglected cosmetic according to a "miracle."Generally, the foundation of many of our compatriots is associated with the expression "layer of plaster" or "putty face" .Pravda, now everything has changed.Tonal means now is not just foundation, but also to care for skin.So what we do not know and then deprive ourselves by refusing tinting agents?How do you manage to combine the modern means of smoothing wrinkles with makeup and care?

main difficulty in creating anti-aging cream tone was uneasy proximity of active substances an

d pigments.Simply put, pigments prevented active substances to be absorbed into the skin, they protect our face from pollution, UV light, as well as the cream of useful components ... Now, scientists have created a smart pigments that recognize their active substances and enhance their activities and not to hinderthem, as it was before.That is why beauticians strongly moved tone cream makeup in daily care and recommend its use.

I'm sure many have seen in commercials like the foundation puts the person in a thin stocking microfiber.It is due to this property, it smoothes out wrinkles.It has a so-called "placeholders" - transparent silicone particles that help the pigments are thrown through the wrinkles, as a bridge, not clog them.Reflective particles are responsible for ensuring that your face really shone with youth and beauty.Nacre is responsible for uniformity, particles of gold - for illumination, and so on.

To achieve the desired effect, the foundation should be applied with fingertips, gently distribute it on behalf of the center to the periphery.Now it's even pleasant experience, as the cream has become like a culinary masterpiece soft and fluffy, not sticky and nasty stretch.If you are using sponzhik, do not forget to disinfect it: wash with warm soapy water and dry in a warm place.

Immediately after applying foundation sprinkle your face with cold mineral water.This will give your skin glow.

French Studies have shown that those who use shading creams, skin aging is slowed down to 7.5 years.This effect is achieved by means of new formulas and by the use of active ingredients.

choosing their own cream at the store, follow these simple tips.

• Do not test the cream on the back of the hand - it is darker and redder skin.The inside of the wrist and no good, small veins distort cream shade.
• The best test - a test on the skin of the neck.It was her color should match the color of cream, and another after applying contrast line appears under the chin.
• The result will appear after five minutes, it was such a time is necessary in order to cream "earned."
• Light colors make the skin youthful.
• Dark tones old skin.
• Want to add a little face tanning?Use bronzer over foundation powder.
• Accidentally bought a tone darker than the desired product?There are three options: to mix it with a day cream, a white base (so you make it lighter) or applied under the cheekbones, forehead and chin - this will give the face expression, only the cream should be well feather.

women have unfounded fears about applying two creams at the same time - day and tone.These fears are unfounded.If the person you need to rejuvenate significantly, the two funds duo is a must.Just have to wait to the day cream is completely absorbed, and then apply the tone.Before the party is not recommended to overload the face of two drugs at once, otherwise it will shine and to shine.Use lifting tone (tone cream with lifting effect - it improves the contour of the face and smoothes fine lines).