Makeup Lessons .Makeup removal : the rules applying cleansers

If you use decorative cosmetics, then every night you need to thoroughly clean the face of makeup, in other words - to perform make-up remover.Makeup removal - it is not just washing your face.With soap and water here, as a rule, do not - need a special oil or lotion that will help clean the skin from make-up more efficiently and carefully.In addition to the cleaning agent, you will need a cotton swab, sponge or cosmetic tissue.

Makeup removal starts with the eyes - the most sensitive spot on his face.With their makeup is best to wash with special tools designed specifically for removing eye make-up - they have soft effect.If they do not have at your disposal, you can use baby oil, cleansing milk or butter to make-up remover.It is especially difficult to wash off mascara, for this you need to use bold means.

To remove makeup from the face is recommended in the following sequence:

1. Before you begin to cleanse the face, it is necessary to wash your hands.

2. swab soaked in detergent, gentle movemen

ts in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the base of the nose to remove makeup from the eyelids.

3. Slightly pour cleanser on the palm and the other hand to put his large strokes all over the face.Gentle movements fingertips rub across the surface means, starting from the forehead.The direction of motion is as follows: nose - vertically

forehead - horizontally

cheek - up, then the center - to the temples

around the mouth - perpendicular to the nasolabial folds.A special delicacy at the same time requires the skin around the eyes.

thus spread cream or lotion around the hair line to the lime.Massage the face of 20-30 seconds.This time is quite enough to dissolve makeup and impurities means.

4. A cotton swab or cloth to remove light cotton cleanser, starting from the forehead and moving further on both sides of the face.The direction of movement - from the bottom up.

5. cloth wrapped around a finger or cotton swab lightly gently clean the skin around the eyes.

6. Fresh tissue or cotton wool wrapped around the index finger, clear the nostrils.

7. To clear the chin, it is necessary to compress fists, put two index fingers under his chin, and a thumbs - on the chin.Circular movements of the thumbs to rub a little of cleanser.Then remove the cream or jelly cloth or cotton swab.

8. Finally, wash your face with warm water.

for normal, combination and oily skin can be used for cleaning a mild soap-foam - this is a good tool for thorough cleansing and toning the skin.A small amount of mild soap-foam is foamed with water, massage the skin for 20-30 seconds, and washed with water.

women after thirty years, it is recommended to use cosmetics that contain vitamins that maintain healthy skin:
- vitamin A. It promotes nutrition cells.His absence makes the skin dry, rough

- B vitamins they protect the skin from cracking and flaking

- Vitamin C. It restores the skin, is essential for the production of collagen, which gives skin elasticity

- vitamin E. Protectsskin from oxidation promotes faster wound healing.