LIPSTICK : how to choose a high quality ?Women's beauty secrets

assortment of lipsticks today includes the following species: a) hygiene

b) photoprotective

c) painted.

Hygienic lipstick has healing properties, its formulation no dyes, so it is recommended for both adults and children.

Hygienic lipsticks contain beneficial additives that have wound-healing effect, helps eliminate cracks on the lips (carrot extract, avocado oil, vanilla, propolis extract).

The structure also includes chapstick photoprotective agents, protecting the lips from the harmful effects of UV-rays that cause thermal burns to the skin.

sunscreen lipstick thanks to special additives protects lips from sunburn, chapping and softens them well.

painted lipstick are translucent (transparantnye) and opaque (fine).

Lipsticks are complex fat-wax compositions, which include a variety of foods, both natural and synthetic origin.

quality and appearance of these products are largely determined by the composition and balance recipes and cooking technology, which is quite complicated.

main components of lipsticks are solid and semi-solid waxes (beeswax, carnauba, kandellilsky, wax roses), grease (lanolin, mink), oil (perfume, castor oil), liquid fat-like products (butyl stearate, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate), structure-formingsubstance (ceresin, paraffin), solvents for the solid components and some other synthetic products.

Beeswax included in the lipsticks in an amount of 2 to 5 percent.That he is "responsible" for the consistency of lipstick as exceptionally well binds the other components into a homogeneous mass, facilitates the molding sticks of lipstick.

However, to lipstick has turned dull, to add beeswax and carnauba waxes kandellilsky.

Kandellilsky wax gives shine lipstick, it is used in concentrations of up to 13 percent.Carnauba wax is introduced in a concentration of up to 5 percent, because at higher amounts lipstick it crumbles.

Natural waxes, especially in recent times, are increasingly replacing synthetic.

Fatty foods are introduced into the lipstick as a softener.

Perfumery oil at a concentration of up to 30 percent gives the lipstick shine, provides ease of application.

Lanolin and its derivatives are a good basis for adsorption and prevent crumbling or fracture of lipstick.Lanolin is administered in an amount of up to 5 percent.

Castor oil is introduced as a mitigating fat component at a concentration of up to 18 percent.

To prevent oxidative processes in lipsticks added special antioxidant in an amount of not more than 0.8 percent.

To make lipstick hardness in their composition is administered up to 4 per cent of the pine rosin.It gives also lipsticks and film-forming properties.

pearlescent lipstick special report pearlescent additives (such as mica).Sometimes they are administered in an amount of up to 25 percent.

Special additives from recycled wood greens provide anti-inflammatory properties of lipstick.

as dyes are organic and inorganic pigments for lipsticks.Often, they are administered simultaneously, in different ratios.

flavoring lipsticks most often perfumed with a fruity smell with a pleasant or so-called "fruity note."

In our time, when the stores and stalls full of low-quality products, it is very important to know the signs of first-class products.

So, high quality lipstick has the following characteristics :

- provides a smooth, uniform, easy to apply on the skin smear

- has a smooth, uniformly colored surface, pleasant taste and smell

- not irritating to thelips

- resistant to changes in temperature

- easy to apply and is held on the lips

- not covered by the droplets and gray bloom

- does not change its flavor and taste during storage.