Rules tsvetotip makeup and appearance.Woman - Summer

Identify the type of appearance "by eye" is very difficult, because it is "masked" by others.For example, in women-leather "summer" can be very white, pinkish, and with an olive tinge, and hair color varies from pale light brown to dark brown, and it is often mistaken for a "spring" or "autumn".

However, if you look closely, we can see the characteristic features of "summer" type: the complexion can be anything, but certainly coldish as the "winter" (in the blue, and not in yellowness), and the hair always ashy hue, without heat(red) low tide.

Here is the main differences between women - "Summer" from other appearance types: the sun, her skin instantly burns, and is not covered by a beautiful smooth tan, like "Spring", and to get a tan, it is necessary to regularly sunbathe (metered,over time).No problem, just sunbathe lucky with olive skin - sun tan gets them a pleasant nutty color (but again - cold shade!).

Moreover, in contrast to all of the same "spring" type zhenschine- "fly" is a bright make-up

, while a barely noticeable (the so-called natural), she looks pale and colorless.

and hair "summer" have a "mouse", a grayish hue, rather than gold as the "spring".But if women-"summer", dark hair and dark (tanned) skin, it can be confused with "autumn", it can be even freckles on his nose.But there is a difference: the total look of the woman "summer" type comes the cold, not warm as from "Autumn", and even she did not konopushki golden and brownish ash.

To emphasize its natural beauty, a woman "summer" should be preferred cold muted tones in clothing and cosmetics, and in the first place - all shades of gray, especially smoky, as well as the color of sour milk.

In addition, they are encouraged to pay close attention to make-up, because it depends on the impression they make on others.Cosmetics is very women-changing appearance, "summer", it can make it bright and showy, but can negate all the advantages.And completely without make-up woman of this type will look too simply and artlessly, that's why she had to learn to be painted according to the rules by their colors and keeping them faithful.

Face tone: light-skinned zhenschine- "fly" should choose a light concealer light beige color, perhaps with a bias in pink, and a little darker, if her skin is olive-green hue.In any case, the color of the primer should be selected to the skin, the tool itself should be easy, but dense enough to mask skin imperfections, matt it.

Powder should be a half-tone lighter than foundation, but abuse it is not necessary, easily enough to hold a brush on the chin, forehead and cheeks.Ideal for women-"summer" - cream powder: it smoothes the skin and makes it soft and velvety.To complete the effect, to be imposed under the cheekbones or "apples" of the cheeks pale pink blush.

Women of this type are often blue under the eyes: it should be a half-tone mask concealer lighter than the tonal resources.So the eye will appear shiny and face - radiant and rested.

eyes and eyebrows as a rule, women-"summer" bright eyes, often blue and gray, but there are also gray-green, greenish-brown and hazel.Skilfully painted, they produce a strong impression on others: women "summer" type of compliments are always talking-about their "beautiful eyes", and it's true.However, there are some rules that should be followed, making the eye makeup.

To view shone women "summer" type should only be used cool colors such as smoky shadows, gray-brown, turquoise, lemon yellow and even "frozen rose" color.You can use a matte tone and with mother of pearl.Good to combine with eyeliner shade: however, from the black pencil should be abandoned, he does the evil eye, but it is quite possible to replace a dark gray or brown-brown.The same can be corrected with a pencil eyebrows.Also, instead of the shadow can be made kayalom line: white on the lower eyelid and colored - on the top (eg bright blue, malachite green, turquoise or aqua).

Mascara is desirable to choose a dark gray or brown, black mascara will look unnatural, and the color - is absurd.For some reason, this type of women do not go blue and green eyelashes.

Lips: The Best Choice - Matte Lipstick deep pink or pale pink with pearl.Women "summer" type can allocate mouth without fear of bright color, especially looks good on their face Lipstick watermelon colors and all shades of pink (without the violet impurity).But we must still comply with the measure: on the face should be allocated or eyes or lips, avoid bright lipstick, if you are already heavily nakrasili eyes.