Makeup Lessons .Tone Cream ( perfumery and cosmetics )

No modern woman does not think without a full make-up foundation.Tone Cream, in addition to its primary function - to hide skin imperfections and align its color, bears an additional burden.It is a means of skin care.After foundation contains sunscreens, moisturizers and nutrients, as well as vitaminy.Esli you use concealer, you should remember a few rules.
Firstly, you need to consider the type of skin, choosing the right cream.
Secondly, the tone is selected for a specific color.

In addition, we must not forget about the structure of the skin.And concealer is used depending on the application of makeup.

Apply concealer should be a soft sponge, gently rubbing it along the massage lines.The cream is applied not only to the face but also on the neck, ears and d├ęcolletage.In addition to masking function, tone and performs the function of a base under make-up.Any make-up will be better and more beautiful to look at the foundation, as opposed to simply applied to the skin.A special creams or matte colors

with fine glitter will give your skin a special glow or flicker that adorn and complement your evening or festive toilet.

If you have normal skin, you can use a light cream that is applied to the skin with a thin layer.To achieve this effect, you need to apply the cream with a damp sponge, then he lay down a thin layer.If you have the need to apply a thick layer of cream (for example,

for evening make-up), in this case, use a dry sponge.

For each skin type has its own type of foundation.For oily skin, for example, uses liquid tone.In order to tone cream did not look as unnatural mask on your face, you need to carefully pick its color.It is best to select such colors that are slightly different from the color of your own skin in the direction of light.

imposing tone, do not forget that on the make-up color affects not only light, but even the color of the walls in the room.Therefore, the tone should be applied in a well-lit room (best in daylight or fluorescent lamp) with light (preferably white) walls.

Tone cream is applied in small portions.If you need to apply a thick layer of cream, then it is best to do it in stages.Apply several thin layers rather than one thick cream.

layer of cream around the eyes should be carefully blot with a clean cloth.In the corners of the eyes and lower eyelids quite a lot of fine facial wrinkles, which is hammered into the cream.And at the end of the evening makeup will not look too attractive.

Recently foundation was created, which in appearance seems almost transparent.But, applied to the skin, he copes with its main duty - disguise.

The composition of this cream contains microscopic reflective lenses.They help to remove dark circles under the eyes, giving the skin a soft radiance mask minor irregularities of the skin, visually narrowing dilated pores.Also, creams with a "small lenses" create a natural skin color as in the physical, natural light, and the light of neon lights.

Do not forget that under different lighting your foundation can give a different effect.The best option is a colorless tone concealer that is almost imperceptible on the face, but at the right time to help.Reflective particles of cream scatter the light falling on your face, thereby concealing minor defects and imperfections.A light powder is deposited on top of the pitch, give your skin a mysterious and enchanting flickering or remove the shine from the problem areas.