Lipstick ( cosmetics )

Delicate, soft, sensual, causing ... Lipstick creates miracles with his lips.In just a few seconds it turns the day into the evening make-up, makes "teenage girl" "vamp" visually "rejuvenates" or just add twenty years.

What do modern woman expects from lipstick in addition, to fit it in color?

Nowadays lipstick has become not just paint for the lips, but also an effective means of caring for them.Lipstick should give lips a certain color and shape, lie evenly over the whole day, as well as care for the thin skin of the lips and protects it.All this gives a woman a feeling of comfort and tranquility, which is very important.That is why most of the lipsticks with nourishing, moisturizing and protective properties, which provided they contain active ingredients.

most often in the lipsticks included:

vitamin E - neutralizes free radicals, thereby preventing skin aging lips, lipstick gives moisturizing and softening properties.

Vitamin A - has a protective function, promotes skin regeneration.

sunscreen - protect lips from harmful sun exposure.

oils (castor, jojoba) - caring for the lips, moisturizes and protects them.

wax (beeswax, kardellilsky, carnauba, polymer) - structure-forming elements providing resistance lipstick and give it water-repellent properties.

Silicones - creates a protective film on the lips.

pigments (gold, mother of pearl) - create a lipstick color, give it a shine.

Forms lipstick

Lipsticks are divided into satin, matte and resistant.Furthermore, they can have different consistency: Lipstick in jars in a gel or balm, lipstick, pencil, lipstick dry, liquid lipstick with a brush.But the most popular are the lipstick in "canisters" of various shapes with a cap and a retractable housing,

Altasnaya lipstick.

It consists of a high concentration of pigments based on vegetable and mineral waxes.This lipstick has a pleasant texture and is suitable for all skin types lips.Satin Lipstick gives your lips moist shine and emphasizes their shape, but unfortunately leaves traces and quickly erased.

Matte lipstick.

It is based on a combination of vegetable waxes, pigments and powders, which creates the effect of velvety and matte.Matte lipstick looks very elegant, but it is not for everyone.

resistant lipstick.

The last decade has filed a lipstick is another requirement - resistance.The concept of long-lasting use in the global market since 1988, and after him, and there was another non-transfer lipstick (t. E. Non-marking).

provide resistance lipstick waxes in combination with water-repellent elements, and special film-clips and light ethers that hold color pigments on the surface of the lips.After applying lipstick on the lips is fixed for about one minute (30 seconds to fifteen minutes, depending on the manufacturer).Resistant lipstick on the lips form a thin film and provide a lasting matte color.Lips look as if they were a little powder.

This lipstick, especially in dark saturated colors, often used for a spectacular evening make-up.A disadvantage of some persistent lipsticks lies only in that they are sensitive lips dried and allowed them unpleasant feeling of the film.Resistant lipstick really keeps the whole day.The only thing that can "shake" of its resistance - is contact with fatty foods.