Makeup Lessons .Eyebrow modeling : Tips

• On the eyebrows have their own fashion.In the time of Cleopatra's beautiful regarded as thick black eyebrows.In the 18th century English ladies even strengthened their brows with the help of mouse fur.In 1920, the fashion was edge-strings.It is only since the mid 80's they got right back to grow as they please ... As you can see, the shape of the eyebrows, too, is subject to fashion.And this is true, because in addition to their biological function to protect the eyes from dirt and sweat of this, they report the expression of the face only a strong influence.

• How to determine the ideal shape eyebrows?For the most part, natural eyebrow shape is best suited to face - not counting the petty "shoots" - for example, in the nose.Such "growth" should be removed, because it gives a person a sullen expression.In all other by two straight rods is very simple, you can determine where in a little pluck, and in which to finish his eyebrows.Beautifully, when the hairs at the ends of thin and gradually eroding.To

o goes down the line of eyebrows eyelid narrows and gives something sad face.

• In today's fashion is subject to elimination of just what goes beyond the ideal length of the eyebrows.If eyebrows are very wide and optically put pressure on the eye, can be plucked them and width.It is important to pull out only from the inside outwards and upwards.

This procedure is painful, but it can be mitigated if two fingers to stretch the skin and pull the hair in the growth direction.Who is still very sensitive and who have skin prone to redness, so this operation should be prodelyvat overnight.Do I need to do a semi-automatic tweezers or normal, depending on your dexterity.Normal tweezers easier to control the tensile force.And it is easier to capture the desired hair.In his address to the "automatic" tweezers must still train, but its use is rewarded, if you have to pull out large areas.It does not matter whether it is a straight tweezers, beveled or rounded, it is only important that it is well meshed.

Four Ways tinting eyebrows

• You can retouch their soft eyebrow pencil or kayalom: pencil must be well sharpened.It is not necessary to hold them solid line, you need to tint the individual hairs - from the inside out.And then walk on them brush for the eyebrows.

Pencil, color is exactly suitable for eyebrows, good to fill some gaps in the curve of the eyebrows or extend too short eyebrow.The hairs at the same time you need to draw as they grow.

• It is possible to tint eyebrows shadows: pale gray or brown tone, causing a special stiff brush.

• You can use this mascara: it gives shape brows, good tint hair and looks very natural.Important: before applying brush emphasize on a paper napkin.

• combed eyebrows up using the gel - so you can consolidate too thick and unruly eyebrows.There is a special gel for eyebrows (colorless or tinting), it looks like a colorless mascara.

• Who blond eyebrows and who want to escape their daily tinting may make a chemical coloring.Hairdressers and beauticians will definitely make it best.The dyes they use, are kept longer because the drugs for use in salons contain a large dose of hydrogen peroxide.

To avoid contrasts, eyebrow color should match the color of the hair.The dye is applied to a special brush to clean eyebrows in the direction of growth.After 10 minutes, wash off with warm water and gently blotted with a cotton swab.If you want to lighten your eyebrows (for example, if you lightens hair), then apply the same means as for the hair.

Be careful: you can not prevent chemical contact with the eyes!The best and safest thing, if you allow this procedure specialist.

• Whether it is necessary to do a tattoo?When tattooing eyebrows plant pigments are introduced into the skin between the hairs.It is very practical for rare and light eyebrows, if after years of plucking can no longer how to recover.By tattoos can avoid the daily tinting.

This procedure is not recommended for those who are very sensitive to pain, because each "hair" costs the skin of a few pinholes point that, in spite of local anesthesia, yet painful.Tattoo conducted special electrical apparatus or acupuncture needle wrapped with cotton thread, impregnated with dye.However, tattoo pigments with plant lasts for a limited time, and in two or three years is absorbed by the skin.

So to summarize.

1. eyebrows easier to pull, stretching the skin with your fingers, it causes less pain.

2. Unruly eyebrows that are poorly subject to brush the eyelashes can be smooth toothbrush, pre inflicting on it (but not on the eyebrows!) A bit of gel or hairspray.

3. Using two straight bars, you can see how perfect bending your eyebrows.Getting eyebrows should fall on the line between the nose wing and the inner corner of the eye.The end of the eyebrow should be placed on a line drawn from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

4. Very reliable way to shade eyebrow powder eyebrow powder them and smooth out the special brush the eyebrow with a beveled edge.

5. colorless mascara imparts a dark, bushy eyebrows shine and shape.

6. When the mascara with the brush has been used for its intended purpose, the residue is still quite enough to podtemnit eyebrows.