makeup rules .eye Makeup

The most common way to pick up the shadows - to focus on the color of their eyes.Looking become more expressive and image - sexier.Universal shade is dark gray, and the most fastidious - pink.

great idea - to pick up the shadows in contrast to the color of their eyes.Even if you are brown-eyed brown-haired and enjoy all the chocolate, experiment with a cool shade of brown.In addition, try to strike gold or turquoise shade.Just around the need to know when to stop!

Eye color becomes even more striking if we use shadows with glowing effect.Cold colors - lilac, light green - with a pearlescent sheen will give a look expressive and mysterious.

Owners bright eyes and a thin leather suit cold gamma.Your colors gray-blue, pastel pink, purple and all shades of white.At night - purple, dark blue, silver, tint wet asphalt.

striking brunettes dark enough to bring the eye pencil.Feel free to use the black and gray colors.The inner corner of the eye, emphasize white.

dark-eyed blonde with honey-colored skin is

ideal gamma autumn foliage: bronze, brown, beige and ocher tones.

for dark brunettes best option - a combination of cold and warm colors, such as pink and golden.In the evening - a noble mocha.

Red-haired beauty should be chosen to match the shades of eyes: pale blue, turquoise, olive or brown.

Mascara is required!It is - as a worthy frame for a picture.And it's visually enhances the eye.Light-skinned women should choose a warm shade of brown and black mascara leave Darkie.

Folded long eyelashes - the dream of every woman.And that dream is easy to implement with a special double-sided mascara and brush, followed by each eyelash comb.

eyebrows - the same make-up is an important element, as the eyes and lips, so they should be given due attention.still natural eyebrows do not lose their popularity, they become even thicker, and their shape - more circumscribed and almost square.The main thing is not to be confused with the naturalness of negligence.All you need to create a natural effect and maintain at this neat and well-groomed appearance.Deciding to grow eyebrows, take the first decisive step - to wean itself from the frequent use of tweezers.

Remove only the most minimal amount of hair, only those who had escaped much of the line.Do not be afraid to pull out at the upper end, especially if thick eyebrows.This is not diminished width, but just give them a clearer form.To expedite the process otraschivaniya every day rub in the eyebrows, almond or castor oil or regular nourishing hair conditioner.

too short eyebrows visually reduce the eye, long look messy.Spend test: Attach one end of the pencil to the center of the left nostril, and the other - to the inner corner of the eye.Put the point where the pencil touches the bone under the eyebrow: there shall be the inner edge.Then attach the pen to the outside of the nostrils to the outer corner of the eye to determine where the eyebrow should end.

If hairs stubbornly stick in different directions, put on a special eyebrow conditioner or spend fixing them with a pencil.Also fit your usual moisturizer or gel - hair will fall smoothly and accurately.After this, take a brush for the eyebrows or an old toothbrush and comb the eyebrows towards the temples up.

tone brows should match the color of the hair, for a maximum of one shade lighter or darker than them.Pencil gives clarity and well fills small areas.If you need to completely paint over the eyebrows, it is better take the shadows suitable shade: they look more natural.Put in place the bend eyebrows bullet, and then blend the shadow with a brush on both sides.