Makeup Lessons .Overall face correction

Makeup - rather, it is the art of deception, subtle, almost magical.As a fairy or magician, you make "passes", and too long nose is almost a classic, sharp chin takes a soft line, the eyes grow narrow lips like a rosebud.But the magic has nothing to do with it.All this can be learned, and all these transformations do not happen by magic, and due to the ability to use cosmetics.We just need to know a few secrets of make-up, be patient and have a good kosmetikoy.Prezhde you begin adjusting a person remember a simple rule: the color darker than applied to the face powder foundation, optically reduce the surface, creating the illusion of depth

same light toneon the contrary, increase and push it to the forefront.

exception of the eye area, where bright colors reduce the surface, making inconspicuous any defects, and dark - the eyes increases.Therefore, to correct a person needs both light and dark foundation.

not do without rouge, which has ceased to serve according to their name and are used primarily

to correct or emphasize the oval face.Used for this purpose blush natural shades, dull - they create the impression of greater depth.

addition to adjustments, you will need a special mask and corrective cosmetics (there are now many in the cosmetics industry): masking - means that conceal skin imperfections: blemishes, pimples, redness (green, purple, beige).Now, many cosmetic companies produce a special masking agents for the skin, but if you do not, you can use masking cosmetic pencils.

Correction - those who are involved in the adjustment of the face.This so-called "color mud" - taupe (hereinafter will be called and it correcting means), and white.With the help of "dirt" we create an artificial shadow on his face, the white color helps to change the oval face, nasolabial folds.Do not be afraid of such a name unaesthetic, and even where - in the art of decorating!You know what happens and healing mud, and in our case - and even decorating.(As "dirt" perfect shade of hazel.) All fine adjustments are made in pencil, large (by large area) - creams.

Corrector is needed to mask minor defects of the skin - blood vessels, dark circles under the eyes, redness of the skin, etc.To conceal dark circles under the eyes, use light green corrector to remove redness - in green.

There offsets to align face color - purple, yellow, solid, green, and proofreaders to remove the effect of a tired face.Besides, the correctors smooth wrinkles around the eyes thanks to its light-reflecting particles to.