Makeup Lessons .Correction face with a cosmetic light shades

- To make wider narrow forehead, it is necessary to put on whiskey white pencil strokes ( "bleach"), and then feather applicator.To enhance the effect, you can repeat this protseduru.- to "show" (ie, raise) the eyebrows, make them darker, you need to hold the line on top of the eyebrow pencil and a white feather applicator.Above the eyes, the eyebrows, too, better lift, so the bottom is necessary to put under the shade of white tails of eyebrows (pencil, eye shadow, you can even with mother of pearl) at a distance of about half of the eyebrows and the same shade.

- In the bridge (near the eye) there is always blue.If the eyes are wide set - this area can not be touched.If the eyes are normal or close together - you need to remove the blue: white pencil to put the finishing touches to these places, feather applicator, and then put your fingers beige color (not white as in combination with a bluish white becomes "dead" tone).

- under the eyes need to work only ring fingers (as it is very delicate and th

in skin, and ring finger in the eye is considered to be the weakest).If you want to make the area under the eyes look more radiant, you need to take a foundation on the lighter tone your core.If the facial movements appear surplus cream, you need to remove them with a cotton swab, and again this is the place to work out with your fingers.

- to correct dark circles under the eyes good use correcting means lavender.You can just walk white pencil (to put very light strokes), then use your fingers to beige (as already mentioned, on the lighter shade) creams.This is done either by edging the orbit (the hole "bag"), or across podglaznitse.If we make the internal line of the lower eyelid white pencil, the protein is visually increase.

- To lengthen or shorten the nose, hold a strip of white pencil and shade along its entire length from the nose to the desired length of the nose.

- If a woman has a nasolabial folds, which must be removed, apply vysvetlitel (white pencil) in the depths of the pit and the nasolabial shade.
adjustment may be slightly noticeable, but it is then powder Dim.Decorative bump adjustment can not be.

- The corners of her mouth (so-called "trickle") also apply (in the dimples) white pencil and feather.

top of the upper lip over the natural contour of the roller is.Along this line (or on top of it, if it is necessary to increase the lip) to hold the white line, shade.

- Creating the contour of the lower lip, you can not keep him out of the corner.White pencil must be raised gradually Area lips.

- In order to visually enlarge the chin, you need a white pencil to put in the center of the chin and the white speck of his shade.

- Changing the oval face, swelling - all dimples can be visually reduce the application to a white pencil.- If a person is evil - to put on the whole contour of the lower oval face and white shade.

Note: white wrinkles are not removed, so they, on the contrary, appear.