Biologically active substances (BAS ) in the composition of cosmetic products : plantain, wormwood, propolis, pollen flowers ( perfumes and cosmetics )

Waybread - a perennial herb of the family podorozhnikovyh.Obychno using leaves, which contain many useful substances (tannins, vitamins A, K, C, glycosides, organic acids, mineral salts, and others.)

Plantain has long been usedin folk medicine as a healing, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory agent (both internally and externally).

in the form of an alcohol-water and oil extracts of this plant are introduced into the cream, after shave, lotions, facial masks oily skin, shampoo and deodorant.

Wormwood - a perennial herb with a strong aromatic smell of the Asteraceae family.

The leaves of Artemisia contain essential oils, vitamins B6, K, ascorbic acid, tannins and proteins, organic acids (succinic, malic).

In cosmetics wormwood in the form of an aqueous alcoholic extract is injected into the lotions, body care products and deodorants.

wormwood essential oil is used in the composition of the cream mask for oily skin.

Propolis - one of the most valuable bee products.Its medicinal properties have been k

nown to people since ancient times.The fact that the propolis was well known to the ancient Greeks, says the name of the product itself (from the Latin "pro" - in front and the Greek "polis" - the fortress city), which means that to protect the hive - 'Bee city "- Propolis is an advanced barrier.

Propolis has long been used in folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant for the treatment of festering wounds and ulcers, as well as burns and chronic eczema.It is also found expressed deodorizing effect of propolis.The propolis

detected resins and balms, waxes, oils, antibiotic substances, pollen, rich in vitamins and trace elements (vanadium, silicon, manganese, strontium, iron, calcium, aluminum, most of them present in the blood and certain human organs).

in the composition of cosmetic products - creams, toothpastes and means to care for hair - propolis is used in the form of a water-alcohol-glycerine and oil extracts.

Flower pollen - a very valuable product rich in active ingredients.Bees collect pollen for feeding calves and procreation.There is a view that pollen contains everything needed by the human body for its existence.

composition of pollen depends on honey plants from what she was going, and other factors.However, there is always proteins, amino acids, sugars, minerals and trace elements, vitamins, hormones, fats and flavors.In cosmetics

pollen is used as an oil-alcohol and aqueous extracts in the composition of the toothpaste and lotions intended for care of dry skin and of normal, prone to the formation of wrinkles, or as part of a lotion for hair care.