On the safety of cosmetic products ( it is interesting to know )

One of the most important requirements for the quality of cosmetic creams and lotions - resistance against pathogenic mikrobov.Okazyvaetsya, cosmetic creams - a favorable environment for microbial growth, since most of them contain an impressive amount of biologically active and other useful additives.These supplements are a breeding ground for microorganisms.The high water content also creates favorable conditions for the development of micro-organisms.

Caught in cosmetics microorganisms can cause a sharp deterioration in their quality (changes in color, odor, texture, and so on. D.) Sometimes, the formation of molds and fermentation.

sources of pollution produced by microorganisms creams can be raw materials (including water), as well as the hands and clothing staff (in the case of non-observance of rules of personal hygiene).

produced at the enterprises of cosmetic creams are subjected to thorough microbiological control.In the process of their preparation is tested quality of raw materials and wa

ter, is checked periodically sanitary conditions of the enterprise.

The cream is administered special antimicrobial substances, so-called preservatives.

Usually better protection against the growth of microorganisms in cosmetic creams administered more preservatives.

Preservation must ensure the safety of the cosmetic product and its safety for consumers during the warranty period of storage (12 months).

Preservatives following requirements:
a) wide spectrum of antimicrobial action

b) the manifestation of activity at low concentrations and over a wide pH range

c) good solubility in water

g) stability with respect to the ingredients of creamsand lotions and packaging material

d) stability during the warranty period of storage products

e) harmlessness for human

g) lack of impact on product quality (odor, color, stability, etc.).

In developing formulations of cosmetic products a lot of attention paid to the selection of efficient preservatives, providing reliable protection creams from damage during contact with microorganisms.This ensures high quality cosmetic products.

Another requirement for the quality of cosmetic creams and lotions is their complete safety for human health.

deficit of natural resources, increasing demands for quality products will inevitably lead to the emergence of new kinds of synthetic materials - emulsifiers, nucleating agents, preservatives, antioxidants, etc.

All new types of cosmetic raw materials should ideally undergo a thorough medical control...

Experimental studies are conducted, usually two or three kinds of Laboratory Animals: white mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.