Wrinkle .Cosmetic preparations

Before you sign up for.fashionable procedure or surgery for rejuvenation, you need to turn to the less radical way to combat skin fading.Do not rush !!!Through the efforts of many researchers and inventors, who studied the aging process in all its forms, creams have become a serious rival cosmetic procedures.They are designed for a specific task, and now each woman had the opportunity to choose for themselves the perfect formula.After all, as the French say, feel the beauty even more important than that be!

aggressive environmental influences entail profound changes in the skin.That, so to speak, not to miss the train, you should begin prevention as early as possible, thereby protecting the skin from the dangers: let restored quietly, not wasting precious energy on self-defense!

Moisturizers provide effective impact only on the natural processes in the upper layers of the skin.But this does not correct the existing defects.

owners have thin and delicate skin is wrinkles - the first and basic principl

e of aging.Secretly, stealthily, there are fine lines, which at first may temporarily disappear, but ultimately remain forever.

trend "dermatologist at home" is gaining momentum.The goal - to update the skin with products based on the principles of mechanical and chemical skin resurfacing.As a result, the procedure is replaced by a fresh layer of the aged, the skin surface is leveled, it becomes whiter and looks healthy.

Requires competent skin care, appropriate to its type.

* Dry skin - complex with gidrokislotami peeling with enzymes, creams, exfoliants.

* fatty and porous skin - exfoliating wipes complex with gidrokislotami scrubs.

* Sensitive - peeling with enzymes, creams, exfoliants.

Now more that are listed funds.

Gidrokisloty (such as glycolic, salicylic, and so on. N.) Disrupt contacts between the dead cells, providing uniform exfoliation of keratinized scales.As a result, increases the tone and elasticity of the skin.Use these funds should be 1-2 times a week.

Exfoliating Wipes .Gidrokislotami effect similar to, but wipes more convenient to use than a solution.Besides napkins can be used every day, as they contain less active base, and as a result the skin gets less money dose.

Enzyme Peels biologically dissolve dead cells on the skin surface.Unlike gidrokislot they do not penetrate deeply and are therefore suitable even for sensitive skin.

smallest particles mechanically scrub exfoliates dead skin cells.Scrub acts very gently, without damaging the surface of the skin.