Color and Makeup : color contrasts ( make the rules )

If you take the base color and add to it an additional element (its opposite) colors, you get a harmonious combination.For example, it is a yellow dress with a small purple diamonds, or peas, or blue bag with orange pockets or green pants with red stripes.No matter what color dominates in combination - the main or additional importantly, that one of them was leading.In this case, we can talk about harmony.

If the colors are equal and their number is the same, the eye is much more difficult to accept is a riot of colors.Imagine dress half yellow and half purple: it is no longer a game juicy colors, it is - a sharp color contrast!Also it was hard to look at the red-green pants and blue and orange bag.Contrasts - is generally a very delicate moment: you need to have a special ability to harmoniously "harness in a harness horse and quivering doe", ieorchestrate the opposite color - do not complement one another, and compare them to connect in one ensemble put together.This is not an easy task!

color contrasts are strong, medium and weak .Strengths include such combinations: orange and green, red and green, red and gray, yellow and blue, white and blue, black and white.These contrasts have the most powerful influence on man, they need special attention and skillful handling.

Weak color contrasts: yellow and orange, white and orange, raspberry and orange, red and purple, red and reddish-brown (brick), gray and black.These colors, being opposites, yet do not look defiant, therefore, do not require softening and balancing the other (neutral) color.However, these color pairs should be treated with caution.

And, finally, to the contrast medium can include the following color pairs: orange and light purple, red and blue-violet, blue and taupe.These contrasts make a favorable impression: color complex, nuanced, and their combination creates the effect of a noble elegance.However, there is one "but": complex colors difficult to combine because of their unique features to mix

got the best, you need to have a developed taste.

Again, the example of clothing: color contrasts are often used in sports: athletes suits (especially for the competition), by definition, should be bright and showy.And fashion designers joined the opposition, believing that this combination will be remembered for the audience: indeed, it is practically impossible to look away from the red-green swimsuit and purple-yellow jackets!But as the color contrast irritates the eyes, so it is sure to be another emphasis, neutral color.

So, in tracksuits almost always black or white border, sometimes - gray.Thus the contrast is reduced, and the opposing colors start to peacefully co-exist in the same outfit.

interesting detail: if the border is white, the color contrast does not seem as sharp impression of him changed, he seemed to become softer and softer.A black contour gives the contrasting combination of colors special expressiveness, underlines the originality of this harmony.Gray mutes sharpness combination of opposite colors, "soothes" view

a neutral background against which look virtually all colors, and even the color contrasts appear, though unusual, but quite organically.

In make-up, especially in festive, evening , often used this technique.To emphasize the deep blue eyes, you can simultaneously be applied to the eyelids dark shadows in the cold range and - on the principle of color contrast - to paint the lips red or orange with a yellow pearl lipstick.But in this case, your face will be two equal in brightness and saturation spots: the eyes and mouth!The face will look bad traits "smazhutsya" not accidentally make-up artists are constantly being told about the need to focus on one part of the face.And depending on what kind of impression you want to make, adjust your makeup.

Suppose you want to draw attention to your eyes.In this case, a great option for you - the so-called effect smoky eye: this place forever blue and gray shadows, shade them from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outside, from the bright colors - the dark.Then draw along the upper eyelid along the lash line with black roots kaya-scrap, print slightly beyond the outer corner of her eye, eyelashes nakraste black ink.You will get a deep, expressive eyes.However, remember that in this case you should not use lip liner, your mouth and it will be bright with orange lipstick.This color contrast one circuit - black.

There is another version of the same make-up.If you want to «open» eyes make face fresh and youthful, while maintaining the brightness and saturation, use the white border.Apply on the eyelids gray-green shade, but do not let them black pencil, it gives dramatic look.Spend kayalom white on the inner edge of the lower eyelid and add the white bar under the eyebrows.Lips circle pearl white top with a pencil and apply a transparent orange lipstick.So you fill light lips will attach them volume.The emphasis is still placed on the eye, but it is completely changing the image of women: of the fatal beauty it became a provocative girl.

And finally, you can turn this into a sexy make-up: just move the focus on the lips, circling their dark pencil.Move your attention to the upper part of the face (ie. E. With an eye) on the bottom (t. E. In the mouth).

Otherwise, if you are equally strong and make up eyes and lips, using colors opposite each other (as in the example pravedennom us), then your face will not make the impression on you bargained for.Manage color contrasts - it is art.A skilled makeup artist using color pairs creates real miracles on the faces of clients, but, unfortunately, much more common examples of negative contrasts.So be careful in this matter.