makeup rules .Primer: rules facial toning

Toning hides skin imperfections and makes the complexion uniform.The exquisite makeup, the more carefully should be toning.

• What is the primer?Primer - a foundation under the skin, which is applied on top of day cream and revitalizes and smoothes face.Depending on how you should look like leather: leather or sleek - you can choose either a clear or a dense undercoat.

• Toning is so important because the skin often has uneven color, spots and redness or shine from fat, and then the best lipstick and make-up do not fall on your face.It looks unbalanced.It is particularly important toning when there prozhilochki or freckles.

• All primers consist of two components: an emulsion (oil and moisturizer) and colored paste (powder and pigments).The formulation is moisturizing and protective agents for the skin, and often even dimming filters.The higher powder content, the denser primer.

• Liquid primer, or a so-called transparent make-up, for the most part in tubes - it is as the name implies, are relativel

y liquid and contains little fat and powder.Liquid cream gently smoothes the skin, but to conceal irregularities prozhilochki and he was not able to.It is more suitable for oily skin as contains little fat and powders.

• Cream-primer (for the most part in jars) is ideal for dry skin, because it contains relatively high in fat and moisturizing substances.Grimiruyutsya cream properties depend on the content of powder therein.Cream primer is best to align with prozhilochki troubled skin.

• Compact primer (in the powder compact with a sponge) - this is the most grimiruetsya of all the above, as it contains pigments and powder.It is applied with a dry sponge, this primer has almost the same effect as powder, but with a stronger effect of the coating.This "kompaktku" can be applied and a slightly damp sponge, it will give your skin the best view.

• Make Up pencils - the same compact primer, but in a different form.Consistency somewhat softer covering the same effect.It is applied in the same way as "kompaktka" sponge.

• Toning Day Cream: As the name implies, this is more cream than the primer.It protects the skin, like any other day cream, and a little toning it, but does not cover the irregularities.

Rules gourmet

primer • Primer color should exactly fit to skin color.
• The primer is applied to the skin of the smallest portions.
• This can be achieved most easily when first put the cream spots or drops on the back of the hand and then take it from there with your fingertips and distribute in the face.
• Exception: compact toning.It is not applied with your fingers and a sponge.
• It is crucial: it is better to apply several thin layers than one thick.And it is better to distribute on the skin of a few small specks than one large.
• Liquid and creamy primer after application on the face distribute sponge.This sponge inching gently pressed against the skin, making light rotational movement.
• Transitions to the neck and the base of the hair rubbed carefully.

How to pick the right color.

• Primer must be the same color as the skin.And compared to the neck should be no contrast.Only when the primer is not lighter, not darker, not pink and grayer skin, it is distributed naturally and not having boundaries.Along with the choice of primer color also plays the role of coverage wherever you want to go.In the warm light - for example, in the twinkling candles and the yellow light of the lamp - the tone of the primer may be cooler, that is to have a pink tint with some gray shares.Cold neon or fluorescent light, in contrast, requires a warm golden yellow and nuances.But this does not mean that the primer must be yellow-brown or reddish-brown.Brown tones as good, just as unnatural and - another thing, if you're really tanned, and color of your skin tone corresponds to this.

Harmful if cosmetics skin?

• Not if you use a primer, carried by your skin, and carefully take off the evening makeup.The drier the skin, the primer must be fatter, while sufficiently oily skin preparations with better to use low fat content.
If you adhere to these rules, the make-up even useful.The skin is not only better protected from dust and dirt, but also, thanks to the layer of pigment, to a certain extent from the effects of UV rays that can harm you, not only sunburn, but also in normal daylight.

• The old prejudice that cosmetics clog pores and prevents skin respiration, not long ago is unfounded, because even the smallest particles of powder and pigments are too large to penetrate the skin.Furthermore, in the cosmetic industry is now applied substances that do not swell as it was in former times.

• When irritated, painful skin do not have to give up the use of a primer.On the contrary, a good primer hiding irritation, and the woman feels more well-groomed and attractive.It is only important that the cream was thus not too greasy and contained antibacterial substances.Primers of the series against acne is almost or completely free from grease and contain high doses of disinfectants and anti-inflammatory substances.However, several small pimple is not immediately resort to special means: yet it is very dry skin.Some pimples can be closed over the conventional primer retushnym pencil.These pencils contain antiseptics that stop inflammation.Tiny irregularities can be successfully completely level acute brush: take it with the tip of a paint pencil retushnogo and applied exactly to the place that you want to cover.The brush should always be disinfected with alcohol.

• To cover up circles under the eyes and on the skin abnormalities have special covering creams.They contain especially a lot of pigment.This cream should be at the same time lighter coats.Professionals do the opposite, but it is better to put amateurs first shading, and then covering the cream: it is less noticeable over toning and less dries the skin under the eyes.Coating cream sparingly applied to the skin or flat soft applicator brush.And then gently rub with your fingertips in a primer, it is not all transitions will disappear.In conclusion, all carefully powdered loose powder.

• The best and easiest way, if toning exactly matches the color of the skin under the chin.Then the neck, you can not paint, without fear that the contour of the face forms a visible boundary.We must properly rub primer with your fingertips or a sponge in the side of the neck.The same must be done with the transition to the ears and to the base of the hair.The neck should be slightly powder.This make-up equipment has the advantage that a blouse or collar cutout edges do not come into contact with coloring agents.

Tips professionals

• Optimal lighting for applying makeup - light but not in direct sun.It is best to sit down so that the light shines in the face, not the mirror.The mirror must be visible at the same time all over the face.

• If you paint in the bathroom, the walls should be white, evenly lit as possible.Preference is given to light from fluorescent lamps, as if incandescent lamps, the two sides: the right and left of the mirror.The light source from above casts shadows and colored walls change color.

• Retushny pencil has the same shape as the lipstick, and about the same consistency as the compact primer.Spots, bumps or pro-vein retouched this pencil - and also in the neck.

• To remove transitions on the chin, facial contours after priming get wet moist and well wrung out sponge.Primer color should be "seamlessly" move in the color of the neck.

• Cosmetic sponges should fit well for the recesses face (nose wrinkle, dimple in his chin, eye sockets).Very good sponge latex (natural rubber).This material is both durable and flexible, and above all very finely.Large pores have imbibed much of the drug would not distribute it evenly on the face.

• How to fix from time to time make-up?Just remove from the face of bold gloss using cosmetic wipes.It is enough to press the handkerchief to the skin - but do not rub!

• Since cosmetics leaves traces on the edges of the cutout neckline is better not to be toned, but instead choose the primer color in skin tone and apply it only on the face.Décolleté powder only slightly.

• When buying try primer color is not in the back of the hand and the face without makeup

check the tone in daylight.The color that stands out the least on the face, is yours.

• Before priming the skin softening cream: a thin layer of it is distributed evenly moist cream, it looks better and lasts longer.

• First, a primer is applied around the eyes.Then make the eye a few bright spots covering cream and gently hammered it into the skin with your fingertips.

• Professionals cover eye sockets brush.This allows for more finely distributed covering the cream up to the eyelashes.Who wants to do it on their own, should take the cream to brush the smallest dose and rubbing his strokes from the middle of the face to the sides.

• For under-eye cream layer was not thick and with a smile does not crouch in wrinkles, skin after applying the cream should be more careful to get wet sponge.

• The better primer suited to the skin, the longer it can remain on your face.If you need a special resistance - for example, for an evening of cosmetics - there is such a method: ready makeup lightly sprayed with water from a spray, getting wet cloth and then powder oneself.Sprinkle the face with water can also before applying cosmetics - for refreshment.

• If you store tone cosmetics and closed in a dark place, but not on the window sill or in the BATH room, they saved at least 18 months.If a bottle, a tube or a jar of already unpacked and opened, then, of course, try not to make the infection.Who takes the cream fingers should monitor their purity.Spatula, are making many primers, are meaningful only when they are washed after each use with soap and water.Sponges, which often come in contact with the edges of the cans, too, should be washed as often as possible.If the product is still began to deteriorate and unpleasant smell, it is better to throw it away.