makeup rules .Influence of light on the make-up .Secrets of theatrical make-up

Actors teach apply makeup professionally, given the many subtleties.What does it do for you?
you know that the spectrum consists of seven colors, and they can occur superposition.Thus, by mixing yellow and blue, we get the green, red and yellow - orange, but if you mix blue and red, we get purple.If you cover the eyelids with green shadows, and your living space will be green drapery, or it is made in shades of green, or just you will dress green - shades will look even greener than usual (and the need) to your eyes.If you have a foundation with yellow or yellowish color in the hair, then yellow or green or accessory, especially since these colors in clothing, yellowness and give your face.Therefore, you must remember the following rules.

The red light:
1. Blush and lipstick will appear pale, so you can have several "strengthen".
2. Light brown tone will disappear, and brown will, on the contrary, very dark.Consequently, when the red light brown tones it is better not to use.
3. Dark green tone beco

mes yellowish.
4. Blue and gray-blue shades turn into purple, so be careful with them!
5. Natural same tone becomes pale orange.

The yellow light:
1. Brown seem darker and natural - pale.
2. Blue will turn to green.
3. Dark green color turns into light brown.
4. Blush (depending on tone) or simply disappear on the face, or will become orange, beware!

The green light:
1.Krasny become brown and brown - almost black.
2. All of the bright and dark tones become greenish shades.

The blue light:
1. Even the pale blush will become dark purple.Dark same blush turn into black and purple - the color is not the best, is not it?
2. Lipstick seem just black.
3.Naturalny same tone will turn purple.
Knowing all these "tricks" with the light, you can avoid trouble.

To understand how your face changes under different lighting conditions, take the lamp and try to move it along the face: position the front, bottom, top, and watch as your face changes depending on where the light falls.You see, when facial features are sharp, convex when seen every wrinkle, nasolabial folds.Try to determine the most beneficial to your face lighting to later (if that happens in the life of a little) take this into account in any given situation.

Here are some useful techniques grimirovalnye .

• If your eyelids are swollen, the eyes will seem even more swollen when you make up their light shadows.Use a darker shade.

• If you have small eyes, to visually enlarge them, swipe the upper and lower eyelid clear, but not very thick lines.

• Good enhance eyes and artificial eyelashes.

• To eyes were wide open, add a little light-colored (white or pencil) at the outer and inner corners of the eyes.

• To conceal dark circles under the eyes, apply a slightly lighter tone (a few shades lighter than your basic) under the eyes.If, however, in this case, a grayish hue, simply apply the basic tone under the eyes and add some warm tones to the core.If you have too big bags under the eyes, then get rid of them will not be possible, will only proper lighting.

• If you have the "wrong" nose - a snub or - you can try to correct it by a darker tone on both sides of the nose, or where you need to fix the flaw.Remember that if you make a flare at the center of the nose, it will make it even more a snub.

• If your lips are thin, zatoniruyte their basic tone, and then draw a new line of the lips and paint lipstick.

• receding chin grimiruyut using basic and lighter tones, which are applied on both sides of the chin, then it will look more prominent.

• To visually remove a double chin, zatoniruyte its dark tone and ... work on yourself - to remove the double chin is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

• Start with a small amount of paint.Remember: you can always add, if you seem a little.

• Shadows and highlights use very carefully, so as not to make the face look "dirty."

• Avoid unnecessary drawn lines, or lighting and will give you extra years.