makeup rules .Tone Cream to your taste ( perfumery and cosmetics )

Tone cream - one of the most popular cosmetic products.It performs many useful functions: evens skin tone, hides minor flaws, protects the skin against temperature changes, wind, and rain.The proper selection and application of foundation depends on the success of any makeup.There are several kinds of cream.

1. Liquid tone cream has a good density and lasts a long time.He is able to gently obscure the enlarged flasks, pigment spots and make the skin smoother.Dry skin is more suitable tone cream with an oily texture, and for oily skin or mixed - which does not contain oils (absorbent material in these creams, absorb excess sebum).

easiest liquid tone cream is applied with your fingers.Application technique is as follows: a small amount is squeezed on the back of his hand and in small portions driven into the skin with your fingertips.In conclusion, the cream "pressed" fine-pored sponge, which removes excess paint tinting and make more uniform.There is another technique of application, when the facility

is typed directly on a sponge that has been soaked with water.The expenditure of foundation in this case decreases, while makeup is more refined, because a sponge can cause very thin layer of cream.It is important that the sponge was finely porous, extruded tone on compressed sponge (when it unclench cream evenly distributed along it), and was applied tonal tool clapping movements.

Literate makeup suggests that the tone will suffer and the area around the eyes.Remember, too economical use of tonal resources leads to the fact that the person will appear blotchy and "unclean".Liquid creams do not "painted" immediately after applying day cream, otherwise it will fall too thinly and not hide flaws.

2. Tone skin contains little coloring pigment therefore looks particularly transparent and naturally.Suitable for all skin types.Apply as a finger or a sponge.

3. Thick cream has a good tonal masking ability.It includes a large amount of fat and more suitable for dry skin.It is best applied with your fingers.

4. Tone cream powder is a combination of a compact foundation and powder.This product features a good masking ability, besides its use after dusting is not needed.It can be applied directly after using the day cream both dry and wet sponge.However, those whose skin is prone to the formation of wrinkles or has enlarged pores, use of tonal silicon powder is not recommended.

5. Tone Cream Stick containing a large number of different dye particles.Good masks notable flaws.It includes a lot of moisture and fat, so it must be to fix the powder.It is better to apply with fingertips clapping movements, avoiding the eye area.Well suited for women with uneven in texture and skin color.Not recommended for wrinkled skin.It is not necessary with the help of the stick to try to hide all defects!For this purpose there are masking agents.

6. Tone Day Cream - something between day and creams.It does not mask, but only softens skin irregularities, since it contains little powder and dye.Perfect for sporting makeup, especially when tanned skin.

7. Tone powder contains more powder and less fat.Apply after a day cream with a sponge or puff.Suitable for all skin types except very dry.

matches the color of foundation.

How to choose the color of the tone color?First, determine the type of tone means depending on the condition of your skin.What is better, easier and the liquid should be cream.If defects (acne, bumps) are present on the skin, choose a thicker cream.In case of need to add concealer special masking pencils.

Besides skin condition in the selection of foundation it is necessary to take into account its color: a good foundation is invisible on the face and completely merges with the color of the skin on the neck.You need the tone that matches the color of the skin's natural pigment.Only such a cream will not be noticeable.All other colors will create a visible border between the face and neck and thereby be given the efforts of his mistress.Not to be mistaken with a choice of colors, it must be remembered that all funds are the tonal color or tendency to yellow or the red.So ideally you need to know the dominant shade of his skin.

If you can not determine the hue of their skin, a shade of foundation selected empirically.To do this, apply the trial strokes of different colors next to each other to facilitate the right choice.As a platform for experiments better use earlobe or cheek bones.There, as a rule, least of all red and pigmented spots.Check, coincided with the natural cream color shade of skin or not should be under natural light.When buying try the foundation on your face or neck.and not on hand.Ideal-turn to make-up artist, who will help you make the right choice.

good option - to buy two shades of foundation of the same brand - lighter and darker.By mixing them in different proportions, you get the perfect color.If the color tonal framework, despite the fact that she was not darker and lighter, it is still not the same color, you need to buy a yellow concealer or yellow powder - most of us skin has a yellowish tint, and many fundamentals of the amount of the dye is not enough.

Another option - take the foundation to the tone darker than the natural color that will look great with evening make-up, and very light base with a yellowish or pinkish tinge.By adding a base to the main tone, you can adjust the color tone means depending on time of day and even season.

Those who decide to do modeling faces using foundation, you need to remember:

dark colors diminish, and light - give volume

cold colors postpone and reduce, and warm - and bring increase.