Terms and makeup appliances .Lip Make-up (women's beauty secrets )

Of course, there are universal color of lipstick, which do not differ extravagant and very close to the natural shade of the mouth.Natural colors - only one of many and, in truth, is not the original trend of the season.In contrast, for example, black lipstick.Resin lips models at the Paris Fashion Week became a sensation!Not sure that many will decide on the color.But the brave will be able to exactly stand out from the crowd. "Lipstick should emphasize individuality.And only then do the image of seductive, "- explains Yannick Vaudrey, international makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent.Professionals in one voice declare that the lipstick should be combined with the color of hair, eyes, and most importantly - with skin color.

Put translucent lip until the summer!Pamper yourself with rich colors call for professional makeup artists.

There are "universal" way in applying red lipstick.First moisten the skin of the lips.50% .from this depends on the quality of make-up.Lip contour dab a napkin.Apply lipstick t

o the center of the mouth, and blend with your fingers.Strive not - on the lips should see the color, not the fat layer.Now red lipstick hardly seems too bright or calling.

Before simulate the shape of the lips with a pencil, walk along their path bodily proofreader.Even out skin tone, you can easily prorisuete line.for Liner should be ideally suited to the color of the lips, then lines will be invisible.Then apply lipstick with a brush.And once again, tap the center of the mouth lipstick to accent color.

If, contrary to fashion trends you want to use gloss, apply it over lipstick and only the center of the lips.Do not squeeze them!Gloss immediately disappear.And do not overdo with glitter.Makeup will look messy and irrelevant.Less - is better!

Create perfect lips easily.Apply tone on their edges, especially if you want to emphasize their bulk.Draw a pencil outline, just stepping over the edge of the top and bottom.In the corners of the lips volume increase is not necessary.And apply lipstick with a brush.Then tap light proofreader middle of the lower lip.He lipstick brightened her lips and give volume.

applying lipstick with a brush or fingers depends on the effect you want to achieve.Blending lipstick fingers you achieve a natural shade, but deprive lips shine.First apply lipstick on the ring finger, then easy to hammer it into the skin of the lips.

When the brush turns radiant color and precise application.Lip brush - ideal for accessories and make-up artists working on the shows, and for those who seek to create a flawless make-up at home.

resistance to make full shade lip pencil, then apply lipstick with a brush.With regard to color: the darker the hair, the more saturated the color of the lips can be.You have found your lipstick?"Try on" a little colder or warmer shades of your favorite colors.

tips makeup artists.

- If you have to face beige tones with bright pink and peach nuances, you can try again and cherry-brown or light purple lipstick.

- If you have light skin and hair, you can use light shades of lipstick.But not sluggish pink or pale beige: dull, they will face.Your task - to create a contrast.On the lips the color should be clear and expressive.

- If you have to face a deep red color, they can come and rich plum and crimson shades of lipstick.

- If the skin a yellowish hue, avoid dark burgundy and scarlet lipstick.Also discard the copper, gold and any containing shades of yellow pigments.But raspberries or fuchsia - your colors.By the way, this season is fashionable to oozing lipstick with a touch of blush.

If you have to face the warm shades of chocolate and animating berry-wine color and light brown lipstick, the choice of color rely on their mood.During the day you can be calm and balanced with fashionable satin brown lipstick.And in the evening - a bright and fiery with a hint of ripe cherries.More variety!