makeup rules .Subtleties of eye makeup ( I have the most beautiful )

With the help of contour pencil and shadows can hide any eye defects: visually reduce too wide distance between the eyes, to disguise the bulge, highlight deep-set eyes, and so d.Esli you round eyes ..If desired, you can lengthen the shape of the eyes.Eye Contour Line the upper and lower eyelids should be extended beyond the natural eye shape line.These lines should go in parallel with each other, but not connected.When applying the darker shade-circuit put the emphasis on the outer corner of the eye, extending beyond the usual make-up line.Feathering is the horizontal direction.More intensively highlight the lashes at the outer corner of the eye.When applying mascara should lead the movement toward the corner of the eye.But keep in mind that startled round eyes can be childishly charming.No wonder all the heroes of Disney and his followers just round eyes.It is so touching and defenseless!

If eyes too prominent , you can visually emphasize the eye sockets.In this case, it is more logical to use the

dark tones of shadows: they seemed to deepen his eyes.The bright and pearly shade can make your eyes even more prominent.All eyes dark circle outline with a pencil, the income is not necessary in this case to the corners.It is better to carry out the internal circuit ciliary edge.Podbrovnogo space should be lighter than a mobile upper eyelid.Shadow-circuit is applied to all the mobile eyelid.Shade shade should be almost vertical.

If you, on the contrary, too flat eyes or eyes with impending century , then you need to draw the fine brush faux pleated shade for two or three shades darker than the skin around the eye color.

deep-set eyes can be increased by te¬ney and give them a more expressive.Never slu¬chae not draw the contour of the upper edge of the ciliary dark pencil - this will further reduce your eye, which is not desirable.Make good use of light nacreous pencils.Dark contour you can only lengthen the outer corner of the eye or a fine brush to perform a dim light on the bottom line of the ciliary margin.On the upper eyelid is better to put bright pearlescent shade.Darker shade cover on the diagonal fold line to the corner of the eyebrow.

When correction «incident» eyes (eye, in which the outer corner sharply lowered), your goal is to lift the outer corner of the eye.Draw a new upper ciliary edge in the direction of the temple, bringing the axis of the eye to the horizontal.Natural eye mask edge tone under the skin.The lower eye liner make parallel.Apply a strong spot of color at the outer corner of the eye.Shaded cosmetics should be almost vertical.

When correction close-set eyes, you should spend an epilation head and eyebrows to emphasize pencil or shadow in the center and the outer part of the eyebrows.Contour is necessary to trace the eye only at the outer edge.Inside corner from the nose eyes should be strongly brighten.The outer corner of the eye focuses darker shadow.Eyelash tint stronger at the outer corner of the eye.

Widely spaced eyes eyes are corrected with the help of visual convergence eyebrows heads.To do this, you need to extend them closer to the nose with a pencil or shadow.eye contour swipe across the top and bottom edges of the ciliary with a focus closer to the nose.The darker the shade, apply closer to the nose and blend to the crease on the nose wings.Eyelash Tint thicker closer to the nose.