makeup rules .Equipment applying eyeshadow

few tips on how to apply makeup teni.Pered lids should be thoroughly prepared, cleaned, put them on Eye Gel, tonal foundation and powder.I love your eyes and take the time to take care of them: first you need to learn how to wash off makeup with eyes and eyelids in the evening and correctly apply a first coat in the morning, and then to learn to paint eyes.

Shadows always applied to the eye liner and mascara.At the same time to impose them, you can either immediately on the prepared to make up the lid or top contour pencil, at the same time blending it.

Apply dry shade applicator or a wide brush.In some cases, the shade to shade your fingertip.

The rules apply makeup shadows begin by mid-century to the outer corner of the eye, gradually increasing the intensity of the hue.In the inner corner of the century is better to put light shade - it will make your eyes more open.Do eyelashes shadow color should be the darkest, and eyebrows to become lighter and gradually come to naught.In the center of the sha

des should move smoothly into each other.

In conclusion lightly powdered eyelid transparent powder to fix the make-up.

Remember the color always attracts attention.According to the classic rules make the emphasis should be on one side of the face.So if you highlight bright eyes, better to take the lipstick muted colors.And vice versa - if you are only slightly emphasizes the eyes, you can use rich colors of lipstick.

terms of the number of colors in the shadow palettes are divided into single, double, multi-colored mosaic.

dry color palette of shadows is truly limitless.They are watercolors, allow you to create new and new colors by mixing.

Usually shadows never picked up by eye color.On the contrary, they should be contrasted.And do not be surprised strange color combinations!

blue eyes great choice reddish, pink and purple shades of shadows.

Green - dark purple, copper, terracotta and reddish shades.A dark-blue and silver-gray shadows can make eyes emerald green hue.

Brown eyes become more expressive thanks to the shadows in ocher tones.

Shadows change eye color almost like colored lenses.With colors shadows can experiment quite easily, especially since the recent trends of makeup - bright saturated colors, which are visible on the eyelid.

But if you still bright opponent, choose a shade bezhevatyh shades slightly darker powder.They are almost not visible, but visually eyes will look bigger.

shape of the eye can be modeled using two different intensity of shades of the same color, very dark and very light.

Under eyebrow can put light shadows.This visually make eyes more open."Spot" white shadow in the middle of the century can visually enlarge the eyes.Light shade with glitter evening make-up will give a look of mystery and mystery.

Do not be afraid "to draw ever" in different colors.For makeup, you can use two, three, four, color shadows.Of course, the combination of multiple colors are needed sense of proportion and taste.And if you put the lid on some shades, shadows, colors should move smoothly into each other.

When buying shadows never trust how the color looks in a box.Most likely, it will be lighter on the skin.Therefore, apply a few shades on hand and pick the desired color.