skin Toning

Toning - this completes the procedure of cleansing process.It is significant that after carrying out the normal level is restored in pH (5.5), which was broken during use of cleansers.

With tonic removes the remnants of cleanser and makeup sparingly, made a deep pore cleansing, disinfection is carried out, restored normal levels of moisture in the skin, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, reduces swelling, accelerates cell regeneration.

Toning positive effect on the condition of the skin fibers responsible for its natural tone.In addition, metal salts removed plaque, which is on the face after washing with tap vodoy.Tonizirovanie returns the skin a wonderful feeling of renewal and freshness.There

alcohol and alcohol-free tonic.They also contain other components.These otnosyateya glycolic, lactic, salicylic acid, fruit extracts, which have disinfectant properties, astringents, such as various phytocomplex: tincture of sage, calendula, broth Hyperi

cum, currants, series, linden, willow bark, cucumber and lemon essential extinguished bergamot,that moisturizes and tones, have a regenerative effect.Tonics also contain antioxidants that slow the aging process, and vitamins.

In tonic for dry skin are administered glycerin, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing additives and sometimes substances that strengthen capillary walls.

Tonic for greasy and oily skin anti-inflammatory effect, tightens pores, contains particles, absorbing excess fat secretions.

These funds are used after cleansing.Soak a cotton swab tonic and light movements rub the surface of the face along the lines of least skin tension.Avoid contact with eyes.After use, apply a moisturizer.

Using just the tonic needed after cleansing lotion, milk or oil, which is left on the skin oily film.

Toner containing alcohol can dry out the skin, and those of its ingredients, which do not evaporate completely, can cause allergic reactions and irritation.Therefore, women with very dry and sensitive skin should completely abandon alcohol-containing means.On the contrary, the proper toning of the skin can make it unnecessary to use moisturizers and significantly reduce the need for decorative cosmetics.

Tonic completes the cleansing process by removing the remnants of dirt, refreshes the skin, but most importantly, normalizes the acid-alkaline balance.