Just one look ... ( perfumery and cosmetics )

only one look - and your people forever.No mysticism - a few skilled strokes cilia, and your mind becomes unforgettable.So, it turns out, what is it?Everyone understands that good eyelashes - it is not always a gift of fate.Most often, they have to "do" .Resnitsy and structure of the hair are the same: they are composed of keratin, which gives it elasticity

depending on the amount of melanin they have color from black to white.Each cilium live for 4-5 months and then replaced.And just before our eyes about 200 lashes.They grow more slowly than hair, but the color does not change with age.

Oh, how would like to see the nature of all gave long, thick dark lashes.But if you have not received such a gift of fate, and your eyelashes are rare, light, do not despair.Now a lot of varieties of mascara: Lengthening and, and water-resistant and gives volume and twisting cilia!Sometimes even with sequins - a carnival option.

Who does not want to lashes always look good, even on the coast.But healing the body wa

ter - the number one enemy for eyelashes.Imagine that you courageously and confidently go into the water, thinking that your ink, according to advertising, waterproof.There you quickly, nice diving and people on the beach looking at you not with delight, and with a grin or a surprise.You, stepping from the hip, go to the beach, look in the mirror, and there ... Black streaks covered all cheeks, eyelashes stuck together!And all because you chose the wrong ink.

sure to pay attention to the components of the carcass components.If the composition includes mineral wax and stearic acid, this actually ink repellent.Feel free to use the pool and swim in the sea, having made up eyelashes.

Included in the carcass polyamide villi increase the volume of each hair.With its use of fluffy eyelashes is provided.

If the ink contains panthenol, so it moisturizes eyelashes, making them more soft, elastic.Panthenol protects hair from negative influence of the environment and the sun, and natural wax, collagen and vitamin E gently and tenderly care for her eyelashes, making them flexible and shiny.Coenzyme Q10 restores elasticity and firmness.

Note the airgel.One percent consists of silicone and is ninety-nine - from air.This tool introduces the eyelashes as if in a state of weightlessness, creating a unique bend.

Mascara should definitely be checked by an ophthalmologist and be hypoallergenic.Generally, if you have sensitive eyes, it is best to use for this special ink.Agree, very few attractive in creation with reddish eyes from which tears flow all the time.

If you decide to purchase a waterproof mascara, be sure to buy and means for removal of this type of carcass, preferably of the same firm.No special tools, you will be very difficult to wash off the makeup from the eyes.And we must wash off makeup every night.Never go to bed with makeup on the eyes, or the severity of the carcass and its chemical eyelashes weaken and become brittle.In addition, the corners of the eyes may turn red, start conjunctivitis ... Whatever you are tired, first a special tool with a soft sponge to remove the mascara from her eyes, and then go to bed.

Pay attention to the shape of the brush.It is very important!The oval-shaped brush allows you to get as many carcasses and gives extra volume cilia.Thin brush with short bristles significantly lengthens lashes.Rare and flat bristles are separated and tighten up every hair.If you curl the lashes up special tweezers, then it should be done before you apply mascara.

Mascara is applied in the last turn.At first brush, wipe cloth to remove excess hair and lumps.Try not to immerse the brush in holder with ink too often.

To eyelashes seemed more fluffy, the first layer deposited powder the mascara with a brush, when it all dries, attach another layer of mascara.

Tips beautician.
- If your lower lashes long enough, it is better not to paint - can turn circles under the eyes and facial expression is not very attractive.
- If eyelashes stuck together, in any case, do not share them with sharp objects - all of a sudden a hand tremble?There are special brushes for combing eyelashes.Color mascara should always be in harmony with the clothes, make-up and color of your eyes.
- If you find that there were clumps of mascara, and she became unpleasant smell, immediately throw it.Good paint eyelashes, even if it is very expensive, can not last forever.The term of its use should not exceed 4-5 months.