Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup - it is very convenient and practical.How to do it?

procedure of permanent makeup is that pre-draw the outline with a needle a special dye is injected into the upper layers of the skin.Dyes used in tattooing, established on an inorganic or organic basis, and do not cause allergic reactions.

Unlike conventional tattoo coloring pigment is introduced not so deeply without damaging the blood vessels and nerve endings.

procedure lasts about 1 hour and causes no discomfort, as before it is applied to exposed areas of the anesthetic gel.Immediately after the procedure, the expert imposes on the scope of a special cream, which has a bactericidal effect and reduces inflammation and irritation.

effect of permanent make-up is maintained for 3-5 years.

• After permanent make-up procedures for the first day is recommended to wash the area with cool water purified tattoo that was not formed a thick crust.If too much dryness and inflammation of the lungs can use hygienic lipstick.

• tools that accelerates the restoration of the skin, you need to start using the second of the day.After that, it is recommended to apply a protective layer of hygienic lipstick or sunscreen.

• During the healing process you want to exclude a direct effect of ultraviolet rays and any steamed procedures (bath, sauna, beauty treatments).

• Do not remove the crust on their own!The final healing occurs within 3-4 weeks.

When selecting key makeup lines, experts advise to restrict to the minimum that will be appropriate for any occasion, and which, if desired, you can always add something for the festive makeup.

same contraindications for permanent make-up does not exist.But it is not recommended to perform the procedure:

- an exacerbation of skin diseases in the area of ​​application of the tattoo;

- a few days before and during menstruation;

- after taking blood-thinning drugs and alcohol.